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Welcome to! There’s few things we love more than the thrill of buying a lottery ticket and the anticipation of waiting to hear the numbers being drawn and seeing if it’ll be your turn to become a millionaire in an instant. There’s a bunch of factors that go into choosing what lottery game fits you the best, which is where we come in! We provide you with the information so that you can make an educated decision on what you want to play.

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Indian Lottery guide

Lottery is a form of gambling that goes all the way back to ancient civilizations. They were used to fund government initiatives for more than 2 thousand years and counting. Basic principle is simple: participants put money or resources together and draw lots – in the end one or several of them get prizes, while the organizers – often a local government – gets a cut. Today, online lottery is incredibly popular in India. Millions of people compete in both local and international draws. It’s legal in 13 states, but you can play almost anywhere by buying tickets or registering online.

Why play the lottery in India

The potential to win hundreds of crore (₹10,000,000, if you’re outside of India) drives demand for entry tickets. Some players get a scratch card every now and then for fun, while others strategically participate in dozens of jackpots. According to Psychology of Lottery gambling, here are some factors that drive us to play:
  • It’s a low-cost chance of winning huge prizes.
  • Lotteries are largely socially acceptable & advertised.
  • We perceive our win chances subjectively, instead of logically in terms of probabilities.
  • Personal biases & states of mind make it emotionally satisfying to play.
Playing has a tiny chance of making the player rich – objectively, that’s all there is to it. Millions of Indian lottery players find this a compelling enough reason to buy in.

International Lotteries – how to participate

For online lottery, India doesn’t have participation laws. This means any Indian can sign up for an international lottery as long as they’re over 18 years old. When local Indian lottery winnings are measured lakhs, international draws go to 300 crores and higher. Because they’re usually conducted in countries like United States, jackpots are much higher. To sign up for an international online lottery from India, all you have to do is:
  • Register on a Lotto website with your name, age, and phone number. You’ll need an ID verification later to withdraw any winnings.
  • Make a deposit/investment using your card or available payment methods.
  • Choose your game, buy lots & cross your fingers.
  • Prizes get automatically deposited to your online casino account.
Lotteries in India

The most popular international lotteries available for Indian players



It’s a classic United States game with simple rules. The starting jackpot is $40 Million, it increases by $10 million per draw until someone wins. So for Indian lottery players, the starting Jackpot is almost ₹3 billion – with various winnings on non-jackpot draws. You play by selecting 5 numbers between 1 and 69, then choose a Powerball number between 1 and 26. Tickets start at ₹140 and draws are made twice a week.


This is the biggest lottery in the world with millions of participants. Highest MegaMillions jackpot went as high as $1.537 billion, or over ₹107 billion. Minimum pots, like in Powerball, start from ₹3 billion for Indian lottery players. In order to play, you’ll need to buy a ticket for ₹143 and select five numbers between 1 and 70, then the Mega Ball number between 1 and 25. Jackpots are incredibly unlikely (1 to 302 million), but various win tiers allow you to win considerable prizes still. You can also add a Megaplier to your ticket – which is a random number between 1 and 5. Megaplier costs ₹70 and multiplies non-jackpot wins by the drawn number, so up to 5x the win. Because this is an American online lottery, India gets good rates for even the smallest wins. Even a mid-range ₹14,000 prize is considerable, especially if multiplied by a lucky Megaplier.


This is a European transnational lottery played across the European Union. The Jackpots are based on a guaranteed fund of €10 million plus ticket sales raising it up to a maximum €90 million. For Indian lottery players, that’s between 80 and 713 crore in INR. Prizes are calculated each week, and you can get into one of twelve tiers of winners – getting anything from ₹600 to the jackpot itself. Participation in EuroJackpot costs ₹200 and the game works like this:
  • You choose five main numbers from 1 to 50 on a card.
  • Then you choose two additional Euro numbers from 1 to 10.
  • Lowest wins start at matching two numbers and one Euronumber.
  • For Jackpot, you need to guess all five numbers and both Euronumbers.
  • Winners are announced every week.
Lotto247 Lottery Review

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It’s another European lottery started by France – almost the same as EuroJackpot. Much like there, you select five main numbers between 1 and 50, which is followed by a set of two Lucky Star numbers between 1 and 12. With a higher difference for Lucky numbers, your Jackpot odds are actually lower than EuroJackpot – 1 to 140 million. With that in mind, EuroMillions has a Jackpot cap of €190 million, or an insane 1505 crore (over ₹15 billion) for Indian lottery players. EuroMillions also offer higher odds of winning small prizes – since you need to match only 2 numbers to get ahead. Drawings are held on Tuesdays and Fridays, with ticket cost fixed at ₹200.


This is a United Kingdom lottery where the base Jackpot is £2 million on Wednesday and £3.8 million on Saturday. Jackpots grow based on the amount of participants up to £12 million or more.  That’s a spread from ₹185 million to ₹1,10 billion for Indian lottery players. In cases where nobody gets a Jackpot, the pot is split between all the players in smaller win tiers. The overall win potential is less than above lotteries, but your chances are considerably higher – 1 to 14 million, compared to almost ten times lower in EuroMillions. UkLotto is also easy to play – select six numbers between 1 and 59, and you’re good to go. Tickets cost ₹370.


Another popular United Kingdom lottery, this one has smaller prizes than others we already discussed, but much higher chances of winning. Draws are made 4 times a week instead of the usual 2, and the wins go from £3 to £500,000 – with win chance from 1 in 29 to 1 in 8 million for jackpot. For Indian lottery players, that’s a ₹46 million jackpot drawn more often than other lotteries. Players pick from a set of five numbers between 1 and 39, then a Thunderball number between 1 and 14. Tickets cost ₹92, considerably cheaper than others on this list as well.

Online Lottery India

Indian Lottery by state governments

Indian lottery is less generous than its international variants. On the plus side, in states where it’s legal tickets are widely available and don’t even need to be purchased online – you can get a scratch card at your local registered store. You can also consult a lotto agent if you have questions or want to understand the odds of certain games. There are numerous state lotteries in India:

Sikkim Lotteries

Sikkim State runs two large Lotteries and numerous drawings. Playwin is one of the first online lotteries in India, it was established in 2001 by the Sikkim government. The biggest Playwin jackpot to date was worth ₹17,29 crores. Playwin offers 4 games – Saturday Super Lotto; Jaldi 5; Jaldi 5 Double +, and Thunderball. Players can join Playwin by phone or via a purchased card. Cards range from ₹200 to ₹5000. You can order and play directly from their website. Mobile app is also available for instant access to Playwin games. Any wins above ₹10,000 need to fill an online claim form and present proof of Identity and Residence to get the winnings. Sikkim State Lottery are regional lotteries available in the state. Run Dear Morning drawings, as well as Bumper lottery schemes. Tickets are available at local Sikkim retailers, and winners must sign the back of the ticket & include their address to make claims.    

Kerala Lotteries

Kerala state has 7 government lotteries with drawings every day. Entry tickets cost ₹30, with highest prizes drawn on Thursdays and Saturdays (from 65 lakhs to 1 crore). Tickets for various Kerala lotteries are sold at thousands of retailers – any ticket that wins over ₹100,000 need to be claimed with your proofs of ID and signed claim applications.

Punjab Lotteries

Punjab is another state big on lotteries – they’ve been around since 1968. Punjab government runs a series of six-digit Bumper lotteries with winnings going as high as ₹15 million, and Monthly lotteries up to ₹20 million. The unique thing about Punjab lotteries are the consistent win odds – their tickets aren’t inflationary, because any that haven’t been purchased don’t count for final draw. Entry tickets range between ₹100 and ₹200 – with success odds considerably higher than most local lotteries.

Sambad Lotteries in 13 States

These are unique Indian lotteries held every day. Draws are held for morning, afternoon, and evening games – afternoon being the highest paying, up to 31 lakhs for first prize. All Sambad games have 5 draw prizes and a consolation prize. You can play similar lotteries in any of the 13 Indian states where lottery is allowed.

Indian Lottery Laws

Indian Lottery tradition leaves regulations to individual states since 2015. This means that states like Sikkim, Kerala, and others get to profit from private companies and run their own games. At the same time states like Karnataka have a blanket ban on private lotteries. Only an online lottery India Playwin managed to operate in that state with local government overseeing its draws. Here’s a map of Indian states where lottery is legal:

There are numerous private casino software providers & online lotteries in India. Many of them offer participation in both International and Indian State lotteries – some also come up with their own games. Make sure to check the legitimacy of the service & payout availability before you sign up.

How do I pay for tickets and collect lottery winnings?

Local Indian lottery is easy – you can go to a friendly retailer or lotto agent and purchase tickets from them. They’ll also explain how to register the ticket and what documents you need to collect winnings. There are thousands of retailers in various states who you can visit. For international and online lotteries, you need to make sure the service accepts Indian accounts and that you have a way of withdrawing your winnings. Some online casinos on Free Spin India top ranking list also offer lottery tickets, among various other games. Various gambling platforms accept Indian users and will enable you to play all the above lotteries and more, while taking small commissions on ticket purchases & withdrawals. See our Casino Payment Methods guide for more on this topic.


Lottery is the simplest form of gambling. If you’re looking for more involved games where you have more player control, check out Online Slots or classic casino games like Baccarat. With that in mind, simplicity is exactly what makes it appealing for millions of Indian players. There’s a very tiny chance of becoming very rich – it feels good to chase that big win. You can play large international lotteries or local Indian games, both have their pros and cons. International games offer huge payouts, but lower chances of success – you also have to set up online accounts. Local lotteries offer less of a reward, but are available on demand. Our advice is to explore your options and see which lotteries outlined in our guide operate in your state. In terms of online lottery India also has lots of grey and illegal operations & websites set up. We recommend our readers avoid those – there are plenty of ways to play lawfully and still profit, such as all sites we list here.



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