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A popular innovation in online casinos is the live dealer category. The said category has rapidly grown in popularity all around the world and is steadily becoming people’s favorite in India. In regards to the category, this article gives an in-depth summary of what live casinos are, why people play them, where to play them, and how they differ from traditional casino games.

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What are live dealer games?

The terms live dealer games and live casinos has been around for a few years and it is commonly used by many online casino sites available in India. Live casinos operate just like a real-life brick and mortar casino establishment. The advantage that this type of casino has to offer is nothing short of gaming convenience from the comfort of your home, work, or wherever you are. You get to experience authentic casino games from real human dealers, unlike simulated machine games like online video slots.

The name ‘live’ originates from the casino games being aired live to broader coverage of people. The live dealer games are streamed so that viewers can see and witness what is happening as if they were really there. In simple words, here you can access the casino games that you are likely to find in a neon lighting, high ceiling casino building – all from the comfort of your home.

Games you will find in this category of online casinos are powered by live dealer software. The software ensures that there is synchronicity in the display of streaming live video and placing of bets and outcomes. Examples of famous live dealer software providers may include evolution gaming, NetEnt, BetConstruct, among others.

The type of software used will also determine the compatibility of various devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Luckily, all modern software allows for compatibility for all commonly used devices, meaning you have nothing to worry about.

Popular live dealer games

  • Live roulette
  • Live blackjack
  • Live poker
  • Live baccarat
  • Live bingo

The casino games played on this platform ranges from card games such as blackjack, to the classic wheel spin games such as roulette.. In each category of games, what is happening at the table is accessible by thousands of viewers who are also players. A dealer, in this case, a human being will conduct the game in respect to the rules of the games. Players have a chance to join in the action and wager in the possible outcomes. 

You can participate just like the way you would participate physically in a casino establishment. For table games such as poker and baccarat, the rules, strategies, and terminologies apply as usual. The same goes for the very popular games such as live roulette and live fortune wheels.

Why play live casinos?

There are so many factors that go into why people play live dealer games. The better question is; why people prefer live games? Many players express their interest in gaming as a source of entertainment, and they feel that live dealer games are simply more entertaining.

Some prefer to take part in the action as it involves physically. The advantage of being there in person is that you get to have a good time, enjoy the exotic dishes, smells and sounds of slot machines. In contrast to this, traveling to gaming destinations involves a significant amount of expenses emanating from costly hotel accommodation and crowds. 

Players who reside far from conventional casino establishments are significantly disadvantaged. It requires them to make long trips to get a glimpse of the action. Live casinos came in place to turn that disadvantage into a prospective venture.

If you love playing cards, you most probably might be aware of the rules on winning and losing. In the instance you lose to a computer, chances are you will doubt the authenticity of the simulation. But what if the dealer was a human? You’d be able to see the cards being drawn right in front of you, making it almost the same experience as actually being there.

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Advantages gained from live dealer games

Live dealer rooms are a development in the online casinos’ niche that allows players to indulge in private gaming. It operates in private rooms with limited participants, thus providing VIP treatment to online players.

Live dealers; this is real people handling the card games. The dealers are professional yet friendly and can be either male or female. You stand to gain more by playing with a live dealer since you can initiate a live chat conversation with the people on the other end. 

You type your reaction and comments to the dealer, and they will respond by speaking directly back to you through the camera. Furthermore, you get to listen to whatever is happening on the other side. Everything is laid out in the open, clearing any form of the doubt to build up.

Live Card Shuffling is one of the packages you get to enjoy through live dealer casino card games. They use real cards which are shuffled as you witness them. Usually, the cards are shuffled through a transparent dealing shoe. The shuffling style may vary from one casino to another, but what stands out is the transparency.

Land-based casino integration is a situation where cameras are installed in a land-based casino established, and the feed is transmitted to other players outside the establishment. The motive for this may be due to legal restrictions or to give players a close-up view of a real casino. 

Are live casinos different from traditional games?

In the earlier years before the internet, casino games were only handled in land-based establishments. Upon innovation of live casinos, there exists a question of whether the games offered back then are the same as online casinos.

Live dealer games allow users to participate in the games online against other human players as they would in a conventional casino. Bets and wagering are made the same way in both cases. The only difference being that a live game is taking place in a studio or a conventional casino, while a physical casino lets you experience the action first-hand. 

Other than that, games played are not that different since the likes of roulette, dice, and card games still follow the fundamental laws and rules. Slight modification may exist in terms of bonuses and additional plays, but other than that, the games are the same. Players need not question the authenticity of the games as they still follow the traditional rules.

Where to play live casino?

So, you have an idea of what a live dealer game is all about, but how do you go about it? Indiafreespins provides detailed information and reviews of the best online casinos which offer an option for live casino. If you reside in India, you might have a look at the list of casino websites that offer live games to Indian players. The list includes:

In summary, live casino games are a sure way to enjoy gaming from the comfort of your home. Casino action is there with you wherever you are and whatever time you want. It is legal in India since the relevant gaming authorities regulate the gaming providers. Live dealer games is an innovation that gives value for your money since advantages such as casino bonuses which are not provided in brick and mortar establishment.

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