PlayHugeLottos Lottery Review

Pros / Cons
  • Great welcome offer
  • A known name in the industry
  • Numerous supported languages
  • Customer support only available to members

Ever heard of Here’s the truth about them!

If you have expensive taste but you don’t have the bank balance to back it up, we’re sure you’ve Google’d things like ‘quick ways to get rich’. And the results are always the same right – save, save, save. But what if you’re feeling lucky and want to take a shot at winning the big money – instantly. A way to do that is called! Most of us can only dream about having sums such as $800 million – or even $80 million – in the bank. But there are players who are dreaming about how they’ll spend $80 million thanks to this online lottery website. PlayHugeLottos banner

What is really?

Simply put – they’re an online lottery platform. They offer people from around the world the chance to play any international lottery of their choice. And it doesn’t end there – they also offer Instant Win Games, Scratchcards and Keno. So if you don’t want to wait a couple of days to see if you’re a lottery winner, you can play their quick win options to win in a couple of minutes. Plus, with over 20 years in the industry, they sure do know what they’re doing. Their promotions, customer support and massive jackpots all prove it! So let’s get into the nitty-gritty stuff.

The Welcome Offer

If the opportunity to win millions wasn’t incentive enough, also gives first-time players 1 free US Powerball entry when they buy 1 entry into ANY of their lotteries. That’s a free chance to win a jackpot with the most popular lottery in the world! So, if you’ve never played with and you love a freebie, then that free US Powerball entry can be yours. To claim it, all you need to do is head over to their website and click “Register”. Complete the short form and you’re all done. Don’t worry, when we say short form, we really mean it too. Simply fill in your name and contact details and you’re all set! You could then buy any entry and you’ll get 1 US Powerball entry free! If you’re anything like us then you must be wondering why would need your contact details. We did too, so we asked. Turns out, if you win millions through them, they need to call you with the exciting news. So be sure to give your correct information so they can call you if you win millions with them.

Talking about becoming a millionaire, who are their winners?

After 20 years in the business, has made many dreams come true! Players are so faithful to the brand that even after they’ve won sums like £23,700 they still continue to play. We did our research and found some very interesting winner stories that you can read for yourself. If ordinary people could win millions and change their lives, there’s hope for the rest of us too!

So what can you actually win with

After hearing more about previous winners, we’re sure you want to know what you can play so that maybe you can also walk away a winner right? They offer players the chance to enter the world’s biggest lotteries. It’s all in one place and only a click of a button away too. Here’s the full list of lotteries available: US Powerball alone has reached a massive jackpot size of US $1.5 billion where one person walked away as the sole winner. With multiple draws happening daily, there are so many different and fun ways to become their next winner. Besides the big international lotteries, has gone the extra mile by also offering players exclusive lotteries like US Powerball Plus, Mega Millions Max and SuperEna Max.

Now that you know what you can win, how do you play?

To purchase an entry into any of the available lotteries and quick win games, you only need to complete two things; simply register an account and then fund it. Now for the fun part:
  • Pick the lottery of your choice
  • Select the number of entries you’d like to buy
  • Select the draw you’d like to enter
  • And then finally pick your numbers. If you ever get stuck you can make use of their quick-pick option which selects random numbers for you.
So if you’re over the age of 18 years old, then you’re ready to start playing and hopefully start winning.

So how do you fund your account?

With online lotteries you can play online, but you can also pay online. There’s no need to go to a bank or a store, you can deposit straight from your phone, laptop or tablet. understands this and offers you the chance to pick between paying with your card, Secure Vouchers by Visa, EFT, eWallets, Pre-pay and Post-pay payment methods.

But what about customer support?

To combat any confusion or an incorrect action has an entire team on standby to help you out. And to make it even better they offer Customer Support in 10 international languages. So if you ever have a problem with paying, navigating their website or even playing, then you can contact the Customer Support team on Mondays to Fridays between 9am-5pm SAT as well as Saturday mornings. So no matter when you’re playing, there’s someone to chat to! Now that you know everything we know about, give it a try for yourself. Who knows, you could be their next multimillionaire!

Overall Site Review

The PlayHugeLottos website is organized neatly, and it is easy to navigate. The format of the site is pretty simple, but it functions well. Players can expect an aesthetically appealing background that doesn’t take away too much attention from the information on the page. Finding the lotteries you want to play the most is fast due to the intense organization of the site.

Why Create a Player Account

Creating a player account can allow players to access the hottest lotteries from around the world. Players can safely create a new account by providing basic information that is always secure and protected. Accounts will need to be verified to take advantage of the perks andbonuses PlayHugeLottos can offer to its players.

Safety and Security

At PlayHugeLottos, players can expect state of the art security to protect the integrity of their accounts. Top level SSL encryption is used to protect all financial transactions at this one of a kind lottery website.  


You can expect all of the ticket sales at this venue to be valid.

Players will be contacted via the information they give when they create their player accounts.

Players will find lotteries from across the world!

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