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3-Card Poker is one of the most popular poker variations amongst Indian players, and it is easy to see why. The thrill of the game can provide high levels of anticipation and adrenaline that you can’t beat! The excitement of beating the odds and raking in a large number of winnings is what keeps players coming back for more. There are plenty of online casinos that offer this one of a kind table game for players to enjoy. Live casino and live dealer 3 Card Poker options can be enjoyed at certain venues.

Real money 3-card poker derives its name from the way it is played. The game is played with the hand of three cards. It’s not necessarily that complicated; it’s a pretty easy game to understand. What you need to know are the primary rules and the basic strategy. With that knowledge, you will enjoy this fast and amazingly fun game.

Where do you learn about the game? Well, right here of course! This article is dedicated to helping players who have an interest in knowing how to Play 3 card poker online real money in India. We also help guide you to the online poker sites that offer the best experience to Indian players.

Where to play

Players from India have the opportunity to experience real money 3-card poker. The poker game is available on some trusted online casinos; one of them is Mr. Green. When choosing what casino to play for you should look for the sites fit your needs. By this we mean in terms of payment methods, bonuses, and promotions.

Different sites offer different bonuses, some better than others. We recommend you read reviews about online casinos that are available in India. 

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Rules of the game

We kick off with getting an in-depth understanding of what is expected. As explained, this is a 3-Card poker game that is played in the form of hands. A hand in poker describes the mixture of cards that you receive each round . In 3-card poker, you end up with a combination of three cards.

As a player, you have an option to play with the dealer only. The advantage you get from playing with the dealer is that you can win more depending on what your cards are.

Each hand starts with making an ante bet first. The ante bet usually has a minimum of $1 in most online casinos. 

The dealer will hand out 3 cards to you and 3 to themselves. You will be able to view your cards, but the dealer’s card will be faced down. Once you make the ante bet, you are required to fold or call.

Fold means that you forfeit the ante bet placed, signaling the end of your hand. Call, on the other hand, means you raise your ante bet and make an additional wager equal to the initial wager. In this case, if you wagered $1, then you must add another $1. And by so doing, the dealer cards are revealed.

Possible outcomes

There can only be three possible outcomes when you Play 3 card poker online real money in India. The result will depend on which hand is better, yours or the dealers. To win, you simply have to have a better hand than the dealers.

If the dealer’s hand ends up being better than yours, it’s a loss. In other words, the dealer has qualified, and you lose the wager and the addition. Qualify means, the dealer’s hand is required to be a queen high or bigger. 

The last possible outcome is that your hand cannot beat the dealer, and the dealer’s hand does not qualify. The scenario will be a tie, and the ante is paid in a 1:1 ratio, and the additional wager is given out.

Putting the notes into action: For instance, if the dealer has a queen high or better and your hand is eight high, the dealer wins. But, if you have an eight high hand and the dealer only possesses jacks, you win. All this information will be able to teach you how to Play 3 card poker online real money in India. Also, check other game guides here!

The Pairs Plus Bet: This is an additional feature that allows the player to make an optional bet the same time the player makes an ante bet. What differs this from an ante bet is that the player has to get a pair or more significant wager. We wouldn’t recommend pairs plus betting much, as it has a much lower win percentage.

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3-Card poker hand rankings

If you play a 3-card poker, you have to know what hand wins and what loses. There is a ranking for different hands that help determine the outcome of the game. The ranks are:

  1. Straight flush – 3 cards in sequence and in the same suit, e.g., A23 or 456
  2. 3 of a kind – three of the same card, JJJ
  3. Straight – card sequence but not of the same suit, e.g., 10+J+Q
  4. Flush – not in series, but the same suit e.g., A,7, T of diamonds
  5. Pair – two of the same card (7+7)
  6. High Card – cards of different suits

Top five best tips for playing 3-Card Poker online

The following is a collection of the ten best tips, tricks, techniques, and strategies to help you win while playing 3-Card Poker. Please keep in mind these strategies are not foolproof, as there is the chance you could lose.

1. Lowest house bet edge

One of the easiest ways to ensure you don’t lose a lot of money while playing 3-Card Poker online is to opt for the ante bet. While the ante bet returns the lowest amount, it is a safe bet that can cover all of your bases. Choosing bets that produce the lowest returns can be a smart way to control your bankroll. Plus, it is a smart strategy for increasing your playing time.

2. Knowing when to raise your ante bet

The best strategy to follow when playing 3-Card Poker is to only raise your ante bet during hands where you have been dealt a Queen, Four, Six, or any hand that has a higher value. Any hand combinations that have a lower value should be ones that you fold on. Not only is this a smart way to control your bankroll, but it is also a smart strategy to increase the overall amount of winnings you rake in.

3. Watch your stakes

It can be easy to get swept away in the excitement of placing bets, which is the number one cause of players blowing their entire bankroll right away. It is always best to place smart bets that are controlled in value. Placing strategic bets can allow you to prevent yourself from shelling out too high of bets right out of the gate. It is always a good idea to pace yourself when placing bets at any table game, like baccarat.

4. Have plenty of funds in your online account

Nothing is worse than being dealt a winning hand but not having enough funds to place a large bet. Make sure you have plenty of funds in your online casino account so that you can place bets freely as you play.

5. Tied hands

When playing 3-Card Poker at an online casino, you will need to know how the casino addressed tied hands. Tie hands is the term used when the player and the dealer have the same hand combination value. Some casinos consider tied hands to be a win on behalf of the player, but others do not provide payouts or bonuses for tied hands.

Winning strategy

A strategy is what might stand between you and cashing out wins. You should choose a plan that has more potential to earn. What we can share is just two simple strategies to follow:

  • Have a card combination in mind – You should remember at least one card combination that you can deliver your decision based on those cards. The basic is to know when to call and when to fold
  • Do not engage in pair plus bets – though they seem to be attractive with huge payouts, you will probably lose more before you get a winning combination.

While the game is simple to play and understand, many players have a hard time coming out on top. It is easy to get swept away in the excitement of playing and forget the best strategies to practice during each hand. It is always best to go into a table game with a strategy to help increase your odds of winning. While having a strategy can be a great way to have an edge while playing, they might not always work out in your favor. It is always important to know when to cut your losses and walk away from the game. The importance of practicing smart gaming cannot be stressed enough.

Playing for free

It’s possible to play 3-card poker for free at most sites that provide the live casino feature. This is a great way to try out and learn the game before putting any of your hard earned money at risk. The more time a player spends learning the game the bigger their chances are at winning, which is why we actually recommend all players to play for free before playing for real money.


Play 3 card poker online real money in India and experience a game of skills and luck. Playing a 3-card poker is not that hard as people think, and after reading this guide you’re definitely equipped to go give it a shot!

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