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Punjab State Lottery Logo
Game Guides 17-02-2020

Punjab State Lottery

Thousands of people play the Punjab state lottery online and in person every single year. It is easy to see why gamers are drawn to this government run lottery system. In addition to being a reliable way to enjoy gaming, the Punjab state lottery online can provide thrills beyond your wildest imagination. Many players flock […]

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Kerala State Lottery Logo
Game Guides 17-02-2020

Kerala State Lottery

The Kerala state lottery is the longest running lottery program in India. There are a lot of rules when it comes to making a Kerala lottery online purchase. In the past, there has been an issue with fraud. This is one of the reasons why Kerala lottery online ticket sales are only offered by a […]

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Sikkim State Lottery Logo
Game Guides 16-02-2020

Sikkim State Lottery

The Sikkim State Lottery is run by the government of Sikkim, which is in northeast India. This lottery provides players with the opportunity to win medium sized payouts that are nothing to scoff at. While the lottery payouts in America are much larger, this state run lottery provides Indian players with the ability to enjoy […]

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Gambling Legality Thumbnail
Game Guides 11-02-2020

Is online lottery legal in India?

Those considering playing a legal online lottery in India will be pleased to know that many online lotteries are completely legal in India. Many people ask themselves the question, “Is it legal to play international lottery in India?” This is a common question that many gamers seek the answer to. When it comes to the […]

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Powerball India Thumbnail
Game Guides 11-01-2020

Powerball India

Powerball is a lottery type game that involves sixty nine balls labeled with numbers and twenty six balls labeled as Powerballs. The game is very easy to play because it is a game that is based solely on chance. Very little skill is required in order to play this unique type of game. Players must […]

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Game Guides 06-01-2020

Lightning Baccarat

Evolution Gaming is proud to announce the launch of their new game, Lightning Baccarat. Players who are looking for an ideal live gaming experience will love this new take on an old classic. Evolution Gaming already has award winning Live Lighting Roulette in addition to Lightning Dice. Only time will tell what the future will […]

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Live Casino Thumbnail
Game Guides 04-01-2020

Live Casino

A popular innovation in online casinos is the live dealer category. The said category has rapidly grown in popularity all around the world and is steadily becoming people’s favorite in India. In regards to the category, this article gives an in-depth summary of what live casinos are, why people play them, where to play them, […]

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Gambling Legality Thumbnail
Game Guides 25-12-2019

Is online gambling/betting legal in India?

A brief history Gambling in its various forms, has a long and complex history in Indian culture, dating back thousands of years.  Many early Indian written documents reference gambling in various forms, including board games, card games, dice games, and betting on animal contests.  Indian gamblers through the centuries have enjoyed a variety of options […]

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Game Guides 20-12-2019

IPL Betting

Anyone who has played, watched, or even heard of cricket knows about the Indian Premier League (IPL).  The IPL has been taking Indian summers by storm since it was founded in 2007. The IPL currently consists of eight teams from cities throughout India, comprised primarily of home-grown Indian players.  Each team is allowed a maximum […]

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Andar Bahar Thumbnail
Game Guides 12-12-2019

Andar Bahar: An Indian Gaming Tradition

The History of Andar Bahar: The Real Card Game Andar Bahar originated in southern India centuries ago and can now be found everywhere in India where gaming is offered, whether in-person or online.  A player would be hard-pressed to find a game that has a more basic set of rules, that has fewer requirements to […]

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