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PaySafeCard is owned by an Austrian based company that was founded in 2000. This online payment method is prepaid and is based on a voucher system. Users are required to enter their allotted sixteen digital PaySafeCard code when making online purchases. This payment method is only to be used for online purchases and always requires the user to input their sixteen digit PIN number. For larger transactions, up to ten PaySafeCard PIN numbers can be combined together. Most online gamers find that one PaySafeCard is enough to handle most of their online gaming transaction, unless they snag a huge bonus or jackpot while playing their favorite game!

Getting started

Paysafecard is like a prepaid debit card that consists of 16 digits and has different values like €5, €10, €25 or €50.  It can be bought from lots of physical stores all over India, but also online from the official website.

To use such a card you must first open an account on On that account, you will have the option to submit the 16 digits of your prepaid card, and then the value of the card will be transferred to your account. Afterward you will be able to deposit money to your online casino account directly from your Paysafecard account.

This system of depositing funds differentiates Paysafecard India from other eWallets like Neteller, ecoPayz or Skrill. At those websites, you’ll usually have to use a credit/debit card to deposit money, while here you don’t need a card. This way you can enjoy full anonymity and maximum security; at no point do you expose any financial details.

Registering for Paysafecard India

Enter the website and press the “Register” button from the middle of the page. First of all, you will have to choose your country, after which you must fill in some personal details such as your name, birthday, address, phone number or email. You will also have to choose a username, a password, and a security question.

Once you’ve registered your account you must verify it by clicking on the link received in the welcome email. When you first log-in you will be asked if you want to activate 2-step authentication. If you choose to do so, then every time you log-in you will receive a code on your phone number. This way you know for sure that nobody can hack your account without access to your phone.

Depositing using Paysafecard

Paysafecard in India is popular, so there are a lot of casinos that accept this payment method.

So let’s say you have opened an account on the Paysafecard website and that you’ve already bought a prepaid card from a local store. The first step is to add the 16 digit code to your account so that the money is transferred to your e-wallet. After that you will have to log in onto your casino account, go to the deposit menu, choose Paysafecard and enter the amount of money you want to deposit. You will be redirected to MyPaysafecard where you will have to log-in again and accept the transaction. The money will be instantly transferred to the casino website. 

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Withdrawing using Paysafecard

Withdrawing money is a little tricky. Lots of Paysafecard Casinos accept this payment method for deposits, but very few for withdraws. If your gambling website is not one of the exceptions, you will have to make a new deposit using another payment method, and then use it for withdrawing money.

Let’s assume that you play at a casino that allows withdrawals by Paysafecard. All you have to do is go to the withdraw menu, choose the amount and wait. If you have your account verified, the money should be transferred in less than a day.

But there is another problem. Withdrawing money from Paysafecard India is limited and kind of expensive. You can not withdraw money to a regular credit card, but you could transfer them to a bank account for a fee up to $10, or to a Skrill or Neteller account for a fee of 7% of the total amount. Take into consideration that those e-wallets have their own 2.5% transfer fee, so you will lose almost 10% of your money while transferring them.

Online gambling and limitations

PaySafeCard is popular among people gamers who love placing bets online at gaming establishments. However, the number one reason PaySafeCard is so popular is that it is a widely accepted deposit and withdrawal method at many online casinos. Unlike other payment methods, like credit cards, PaySafeCard does not allow the account owner to overdraw the funds in their accounts. Basically, users can only access funds that they already have. PaySafeCard users can’t continue to make transactions without the proper funding. The deposit amount limitations have changed dramatically over the years, but there is still a cap on the amount a PaySafeCard user can deposit at a given time.

Security and safety features

PaySafeCard provides users with a sixteen digit PIN that cannot be hacked through generators. The multiple advanced safety technologies that are utilized are superior features that make PaySafeCard a safe option to use when conducting transactions online. The fact that many online casinos, shops, and stores accept PaySafeCard as a trustworthy payment, deposit, and withdrawal method is a testament to how secure and widely trusted it is. Online gamers can feel safe, knowing they are in good hands when they put their trust in PaySafeCard. Both international and local security protocols and procedures provide users with the protection they need to enjoy gaming at their favorite online venues.

Popular online casinos that accept PaySafeCard

There are tons of online casinos that accept PaySafeCard for both deposits and withdrawals. Gamers from India who are looking for a well rounded gaming experience with plenty of chances for free spins and bonuses should consider 10CRIC Casino. Another great online casino that accepts PaySafeCard and caters to Indian players includes Casino Joy. PaySafeCard is also an accepted method of deposit at Lucky Days. Slots lovers from India with PaySafeCard accounts will find Spinia to be a welcoming gaming establishment.

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What players love about PaySafeCard

Players from India love that they can easily access a PaySafeCard account without facing enormous fees or charges. Online gamers prefer to play at virtual casinos using PaySafeCard as a deposit and withdrawal method because it is safe, easily accessible, and doesn’t have a large number of rules, regulations, or account fees.

Players love how easy this e-wallet is to use and operate. They also love how it is widely accepted by many online outlets, not just online casinos. While there are a few cons associated with PaySafeCard accounts, this e-wallet provides a well rounded user experience.

Here’s a list of even more reasons people love the payment method:

  • There are a lot of physical stores in India that sell this kind of card, so acquiring one shouldn’t be a problem. You can also buy them online.
  • It is very easy to use even by those that never had an e-wallet account before.
  • It is completely free to open an account and you do not have to pay taxes when depositing money to paysafecard casinos.
  • Using a Paysafecard in India you can deposit money to online casinos without having a credit card or a bank account.
  • This payment method offers 100% anonymity. Neither the online casino nor the Paysafecard India staff will have access to your financial details as you don’t have to share them at any point.
  • You can claim casino bonuses on almost all gambling websites even if you use this payment method.

What players don’t love about PaySafeCard

PaySafeCard users can use this e-wallet to deposit funds into their online casino accounts. They can also deposit their online casino winnings to their PaySafeCard at many gaming venues. However, PaySafeCard users can’t directly withdraw funds from their PaySafeCard. This is one of the major disadvantages associated with using PaySafeCard as a payment option when playing at online casinos.

Sure, you will be able to deposit your casino winnings into your PaySafeCard account, but you won’t have the luxury of directly withdrawing the funds from your account at an ATM. While you can’t withdraw your PaySafeCard funds directly from an ATM, you can deposit your PaySafeCard funds into a Neteller or Skrill account.

Here’s a list of some of the complaints we’ve heard about the payment method:

  • Most Paysafecard casinos accept this payment method only for deposits and very few for withdrawals. This means you will eventually have to use another payment method.
  • Even if a casino will allow you to withdraw money by Paysafecard, it is hard or expensive to transfer the amount to your bank account or to another e-Wallet like Skrill or Neteller.
  • Opening an account and using it is free. Also, you can deposit money without any commissions. On the other hand there are some taxes that must be taken into consideration.
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Administration fee – around 2€ / month (you will pay them only if you don’t use your account for one year)
Exchange rate – between 2% and 4% if the casino account and the Paysafecard account are in different currencies.
Fee for transferring funds to Skrill / Neteller – 7%
Fee for withdrawing money to your bank account – up to €10


Paysafecard India is one of the best deposit methods you can use at online casinos as you don’t need a bank account or credit card. On the other hand, you will have problems in withdrawing money, so take this into consideration before opening an account.