Lottoland Lottery Review

LottoLand is an online casino that started in 2013. Since its inception, this online gaming establishment has expanded its gaming options to meet the needs of more players. A wide range of gaming options is available to choose from, including a huge inventory of lottery games. This site is regulated and licensed by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain, and it is governed by the Gambling Commissioner of Gibraltar, like many online gambling sites are. A separate website for Indian players is offered that accepts INR as currency.

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Pros / Cons
  • Great welcome offer
  • A lot of great features
  • Numerous supported languages
  • Not a lot of payment methods

Guaranteed winnings and twenty four hour customer support

One of the things that players love most about this site is that its jackpots are guaranteed because they are backed by the world’s leading insurers. This means that no matter how big of a jackpot you win, your winnings are guaranteed. Not many other casinos offer the same security when it comes to large scale jackpots. Over ten languages are offered to accommodate players from all over the globe. Customer support is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week via phone, email, or live chat.

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Payment and deposit methods

The following is a small list of the most popular payment and deposit methods accepted at LottoLand India:

  •     Skrill
  •       Visa
  •       MasterCard
  •       PaySafeCard
  •       Bank Transfers
  •       Neteller
  •       Rupay Card

It should be noted that cryptocurrency, like BitCoin, is not accepted at this site. Players are urged to opt for e-wallets to cut down the transfer time, as other options can take up to seven business days to process to your account.

All winnings are immediately deposited into a player’s account without any commission taken from the overall amount. The only time LottoLand deducts funds from a player’s winnings is if the player hits the Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot. When players hit these two specific jackpots, LottoLand is required to deduct thirty five percent of the total amount a player wins. No other lotteries on the site require a deduction. Withdrawing funds is simple and requires minimal fees. When players make deposits more than £100 using bank transfers, they are eligible to receive a three percent bonus.

Like many lotteries and betting sites, LottoLand has a minimum deposit of ₹300. The minimum withdrawal amount is approximately ₹1600. Bitcoin is not accepted as a currency to play the lottery games at LottoLand, but players can still take part in Bitcoin lotteries, such as Bitcoin Jackpot. All deposits and winnings are converted into INR balances, which means you could miss out on some of your initial winnings.

Pros of playing at LottoLand

Gaming at LottoLand can provide players with a lot of perks. For starters, there is a ton of gaming options available to choose from. Players will never get tired of exploring the endless inventory of online casino games that range from online slots to live casino games. While LottoLand has a huge selection of lottery games to enjoy, they also offer an enormous inventory of table games, scratch off cards, slots, and other exciting gaming options.

Cons of playing at LottoLand

While this site has a lot to offer gamers, it is not perfect by any means. The deposit and payout options are limited, and the new casino sign up bonus promotions are nothing too exciting. The bonus promotions change from time to time, but nothing really impressive is offered. Another con associated with this site is that players have to show valid identification before they can claim any winnings.

LottoLand India claims to only require valid identification for the following reasons:

  •       To confirm the identity of the player so their winnings can be facilitated.
  •       To protect all players from fraud
  •       To offer personalized support
  •       To ensure no underage players attempt to sign up

What makes LottoLand the best online gaming option?

There are a lot of reasons why players should consider this online gaming venue. LottoLand not only has a large gaming selection, but it also has top of the line security features that protect the financial information that belongs to players. Anyone who signs up at this gaming establishment can rest easy, knowing their private data and information is in good hands. Another great reason to opt to play at LottoLand is the fact that the jackpots are huge. The frequency of large jackpots and the size of the available jackpots are two factors that cause this online casino to stand out in the crowd.

LottoLand Winners

Since LottoLand was launched, the site has successfully paid out more than eight thousand crores to players located all over the world. In June of 2018, a lucky winner named Christina was awarded ₹ 727 crores when playing EuroJackpot at LottoLand. Christina is the largest winner at Lottoland to date, but you never know who the next millionaire could be. A young man named Matthias from Germany won more than ₹ 180 crores in 2016 while playing German Lotto. Just a few months later, another young man was awarded ₹ 113 crores playing German Lotto at LottoLand. It is one hundred percent legal to play the international lotteries in India.

Currently, no players from India have been awarded big jackpots while playing at LottoLand. That doesn’t mean India players haven’t experienced success playing at this unique lottery site. There have been plenty of small jackpot winners located all over the globe, such as an anonymous winner from Spain. The unnamed winner took home more than ₹ 32 crores. Another small jackpot winner was a man named Michael, who won ₹ 8 crores at LottoLand. New winners are being named all the time!

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A Lottoland winner

Mobile gaming and support

This fully responsive site can be used via desktop computer, via smartphone, or via tablet. Scratch cards can be enjoyed through your favorite online browser, no matter what device you are using. The Android app for LottoLand is available on Google Play, and the Apple app can be found at the Apple Store. Players have the freedom to choose to play games from their web browser, or they can opt to use the app. Regardless of your mobile gaming preference, nearly all of the games available at this venue can be accessed through a mobile device or the app.

In 2015, LottoLand had the honor of being awarded the Best Lotto App award from the Gaming App Awards. In the app, players can receive instant win notifications, financial information, and draw results from different lotteries. The mobile app requires very little storage space, but users must have internet access to enjoy the gaming capabilities. The financial options available on the mobile app are limited. One major perk of the mobile app is the ability to login to your player account using the fingerprint scanner on your phone. Plus, there are special bonuses awarded to players who use the free downloadable app.

Gaming options

There are tons of gaming options available, including Cricket Jackpot, which is the cheapest online lottery game in India. Cricket Jackpot can only be accessed by players from India for a ticket price of 80 rupees. This 5/49 Indian market lottery game conducts draws every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at approximately 2:00 to 2:10 AM Indian Standard Time. Cricket Jackpot has a minimum jackpot of ₹3.6 crores, but some players have won jackpots up to ₹73 crores. This unique Indian focused lottery has three bonus features, such as the Double Jackpot feature. For an extra ₹80, players can double the amount of the winning jackpot.

The Number Rakshak protects the numbers of a player for the price of ₹40. With this feature, players are still awarded the full jackpot, even if other players match the same winning numbers. The Extra Innings features allow players to purchase an additional draw to their ticket purchase for the price of ₹19. The minimum jackpot for Extra Innings hovers around ₹1.8 crores.

Jeeto Lotto is widely popular because it awards prizes to players who match zero of the winning numbers. This extra incentive entices players to keep trying, even if they aren’t having much luck winning big jackpots. Jeeto Lotto is known for being lightning fast, as draws are conducted in four minute intervals. Every four minutes, there is a Jeeto Lotto winner awarded, seven days a week. The guaranteed jackpot is approximately ₹3.6 crores for Jeeto Lotto.

Another Indian exclusive lottery at LottoLand is Malamaal Daily. With tickets as low as ₹40, this lottery is one of the most affordable at LottoLand. Winners can anticipate winning up to fifty lakh every day of the week.

Other gaming options

With over two hundred casino games to choose from, players will never get bored of playing at LottoLand. Thirty five table games are offered, which include games like poker and blackjack. Multiple variations of these games are available, as well. Players can enjoy live blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. Side Bet City and Lightning Dice can also be played here. Scratch card games are also a gaming option that players have access to. Scratch off card demos are offered for free, but players can’t rake in any of the winnings they score while playing the free demo cards.

There are only five live casino games at LottoLand, but the interactive gameplay brings excitement for players in between lottery drawings. The live dealer version of Texas Hold ‘Em poker appeals to players from India the most, but other live dealer card games are offered at LottoLand. Classic Indian favorites like Andar Bahar are not provided at LottoLand.

LottoLand offers a well-rounded menu of group play gaming options for players to enjoy. There are seventeen different syndicate gaming opportunities to take advantage of at LottoLand, such as EuroMillions. Three variations of Irish Lotto are offered, in addition to four variations of Powerball. There are ups and downs to syndicates, but many players like having the option. Players can bet on up to one thousand lines when utilizing all of the syndicate options available at LottoLand.

Lottoland Lottery Review

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Bonuses, Promotions, and VIP Programs

LottoLand likes to reward its players every chance it gets. The most common reward is free and valid line bets on the popular scratch off cards. There are scratch off cards of the month that award players extra bonuses. The bonus and promotion programs are continually changing, but players can receive two free lottery tickets after they purchase two tickets at LottoLand. New players who sign up to play at LottoLand can receive a free Powerball ticket after they purchase one Powerball ticket. Other bonuses new players can benefit from including a ten percent discount on ticket purchases from hot lotteries like Mega Millions and Euro Millions.

The loyalty program at LottoLand is called The Millionaire’s Club. A player’s membership is based on their gaming activity, wagering amounts, and how often bets are made. There are three primary platforms for the loyalty program, which are Gold, Silver, and Diamond. New members to The Millionaire’s Club receive a welcome bonus that includes free spins and weekly enhanced offers. The VIP benefits give players access to special prize drawings, personal account managers, and personalized gifts. VIP players also gain access to rare gaming opportunities not available to other players. Basically, the more you wager and the more often you play, the more you can expect to be rewarded by LottoLand.

Catering to players from around the world

LottoLand is one of the few gaming sites that can cater to players from all over the globe. Many types of currencies are accepted, which allows more players from different countries to come together for gaming purposes in one place. One thing players like about this site is that they have access to lotteries from across the country and across the world. There are very few restrictions associated with this gaming site.

Responsible gaming, safety and security!

Most online gaming sites urge players to practice responsible gaming, but LottoLand is one of the few sites that goes the extra mile to provide resources. Players are given resources to help them play responsibly while gambling. This only proves that this gaming site actually cares about the wellbeing of their players.

In terms of safety and security, there is not a better place to enjoy online gaming than LottoLand India. All of your private information stays private and secure. You don’t have to worry about your financial accounts being compromised or hacked in any way. Superior security encryption is used on the site to ensure the safety of each and every player. It should be stated that players under the age of eighteen cannot create a user account at this gaming establishment.


All in all, LottoLand is a superior gaming venue where players have access to a huge assortment of games. This site provides a well rounded gaming experience that is truly a force to be reckoned with. Players will not be disappointed with the overall experience they have at LottoLand.

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