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Astropay Card is a prepaid virtual debit card. While it is primarily used by those in Latin America, many people from India are taking advantage of the perks that this online payment system can provide. AstroPay Card is much like any other type of prepaid debit card, but it isn’t a physical card. Instead, it is a virtual one that account owners can use to buy products or services from international websites. It is becoming increasingly common for Indian gamers to use AstroPay Card at the numerous online casinos that accept players from India.

The card is accepted by hundreds, if not thousands of online stores and casinos in India. To register for an AstroPay virtual card is completely free, and you can choose freely which amount you want to deposit using any of the commonly available payment methods. AstroPay is great for those who don’t feel that comfortable using their card online, and for those who don’t have any debit or credit card.

Getting started

Getting started is simple and very quick. You simply register, pay the amount you wish to deposit and check your email for a verification that everything went well. As mentioned previously, to deposit money onto your AstroPay virtual card you simply use one of the available payment methods. Some of the available payment methods are debit cards, credit cards, online banking, e-wallets and bank transfers. You can always change which payment method you decide to go with at any time.

Registering for AstroPay

Registering for AstroPay is only done once and is very simple. You start off on the AstroPay website where you press the register button. You’ll be asked to submit some personal data along with you email. You’ll then receive an email asking you to verify your AstroPay account, which is done by simply pressing the link. Once you’ve registered your account you’re free to deposit any amount you’d like starting at 10$ (~715₹). If you’d like, you’re able to purchase more than one card at the time. Once you’ve deposited an amount it’ll be available immediately unless you’ve used bank transfer as your payment method, which may have a processing time of 2-3 days. 

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AstroPay as a payment method on online casinos

A prepaid AstroPay card can, if the casino accepts the payment method, be used immediately to play at the casino. Any payments using AstroPay are instant which makes it a great choice for depositing. The amount you play for is automatically drawn from the card and the payment is complete. A big benefit of using AstroPay is that you as a player get more control over your spending. Many prefer this method over traditional directly charging from a debit card, as it’s easier to keep track of the money you deposit, and there’s no risk of overspending. You also never risk any of your personal or banking details being misused, which is great for feeling safer online.

Depositing using AstroPay

To deposit at an online casino in India using Astropay, you simply enter your virtual card number, virtual CVV, virtual expiration date, email address and the amount you wish to play for.

You’ll automatically receive an email containing details about your payment, all as an extra verification that the payment went through.

Withdrawing using AstroPay

Excess money or the money you win usually can’t be withdrawn directly into your AstroPay account. You’ll have to look into the options available at your specific casino, and possibly use the money to buy yourself another virtual AstroPay debit card.

Safety and Security

When it comes to safety and security, AstroPay Card is protected with encrypted technology that keeps your private financial information secure. You don’t have to worry about your account being hacked into or compromised at any point. Strong end to end crypto security authentication is used to protect the integrity of your account. 

One of the reasons AstroPay Card is such a popular online debit system is due to the fact that it is one of the most secure e-wallets currently available. Plus, AstroPay Card offers account holders the perk of being totally anonymous, which can provide a long list of benefits when conducting business online. Needless to say, users can rest easy when they are in the hands of the team at AstroPay Card.

Pros of AstroPay

There are many payment methods available for depositing money into your AstroPay account, which makes it a very flexible option. AstroPay works as a middle hand, meaning that personal and financial details are never shared with any e-shops or casinos. Another benefit of using AstroPay is the fact that you can easily check your balance and payment history at any point online.

Cons of AstroPay

One of the biggest cons associated with using AstroPay Card is that not all online casinos accept it as a financial deposit and withdrawal method. Because it is not widely accepted, online gamers have a reduced number of options when it comes to casinos that they can play at. 

Another con about this prepaid payment option is that there are many fees associated with having an account. The amount of the fees may be small, but the amount can add up quickly when a bunch of fee charges are added on at once. While AstroPay Card is not the perfect option for everyone, it does provide a safe way to engage in online gambling at casinos where it is accepted.

What players love about AstroPay

Players love that the transaction processing times associated with AstroPay Card are fast and reliable. Other e-wallets can leave account holders waiting for days, but that is not the case with AstroPay. It may not be an option for everyone, but it is one that is worth considering, especially if you love playing at online casinos. Players also love how safe they feel putting their trust in AstroPay.

AstroPay uses end to end strong crypto, authentication, and anonymity to be worthy of your trust, not just to have nice buzzwords.

AstroPay says on their site that there’s three reasons to use AstroPay over other payment options: It provides a payment method for those without an international credit card, protects against phishing and identity theft, and prevents purchases from being rejected because of the merchant company’s regulations.