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Welcome to! We review lotteries from all around the world in an attempt to find the best lottery sites available to Indian players In this article we’ll be going through the platform MyPlayWin and checking out what the site has to offer.

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Our guide to MyPlayWin

MyPlayWin was founded in November 2011, and is the first Indian online lottery websites to hit the web. Playwin is technically owned by the Indian government, but it is maintained and run by Pan Indian Network Limited. Even though MyPlayWin is a website that focuses on Indian players and is backed by the Indian government, the only supported language is English. Overall, the site has a bright and appealing format that makes it easy to find what you are looking for. The user interface allows for quick navigation, which is a nice perk. The overall functionality of the site leaves little to be desired, it’s a very user-friendly experience. Unlike government state run lotteries, such as the Kerala state lottery, MyPlayWin has limited restrictions and regulations.

Available Lottery Options at MyPlayWin

You would assume that players would have access to lotteries like Mega Millions or Powerball at Playwin, but that is not the case. Since MyPlayWin is regulated by the Indian government, international lotteries are not permitted. This is one of the major cons associated with playing the lottery at this online venue. If you are interested in international lotteries, you might want to check out online casinos and lottery websites, such as The Lotter. Unlike major online lottery websites, this government run website runs its own lottery games. The available games you will find here include the following:

  • Jaldi 5 Lotto
  • Jaldi 5 Double Lotto
  • Lucky 4
  • Fast Digit Lottery
  • Keno

Our thoughts on the site

Before we go into detail on how to sign up, how the site works and the pros/cons of the site. Here’s a quick summary on the thoughts we’ve had when using the site ourselves, and also what we’ve heard from other users. If you’re looking for a site that’s considered safe both legally and security wise for Indian players, this is definitely a good choice. Outside of that though, the site is very lackluster when it comes to game options, payment methods, bonuses and overall freedom. Generally speaking, we don’t recommend this site. There’s a bunch of sites that offer Indian players lottery options line, and this is in our opinion one of the worse options. Here’s a list of sites that a lot of players have expressed to be favorites in the Indian market.

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How it Works and Registration Information

To enjoy everything that MyPlayWin has to offer, you will need to register for an account. As with most lottery sites, your personal information and email address are required to register. You will also need to enter your cell phone number to create an account. Your cell phone number is used to help verify that you are a real Indian player. An SMS code will be texted to your cell phone, which you will need to enter at MyPlayWin to create your user account. Players will have to register which region of India they live in, as well. Players will also need to specify whether they would like a digital or physical account card issued to them. Each account card has the player’s information and account number on them, so it is important that they’re not lost.

Purchasing tickets at MyPlayWin is fast and easy. Once players have successfully registered their accounts and verified them, they’ll need to purchase tickets to the lotteries that they are most interested in playing. Players will need to choose the lottery numbers they would like to play for every ticket that they purchase. The account number of the player will need to be entered in order to purchase any tickets from PlayWin. The card pin code, which is found on the back of the card, will also need to be entered to buy lottery tickets. Once players have all of the tickets they wish to buy, they will need to wait until the drawing to see if their tickets are winners.

Is PlayWin a Legitimate Lottery Website?

Since MyPlayWin is regulated and backed by the Indian government, it is guaranteed to be one hundred percent legitimate. It’s completely safe to play the lotteries online at PlayWin, if it is permitted in your area of India. Players don’t have to worry about being scammed or ripped off at this lottery site. All winnings are paid out by the Indian government once the winning ticket has been verified.

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Pros and Cons of Registering at MyPlayWin

One of the major pros associated with registering to play at MyPlayWin is that Indian players can legally enjoy the lottery. Betting in India was once forbidden in many states, but now, gambling laws have started to become more relaxed as popularity grows. One con associated with PlayWin is that you can only purchase lottery tickets between the hours of seven in the morning until nine o’clock in the evening Indian time. Absolutely no lottery tickets will be sold after hours to any player for any reason.

Another con is that there aren’t any additional features or bonuses attached to the lotteries found at MyPlayWin. The limited lottery options included in the PlayWin mobile app is another con that players don’t like about this lottery site. The limited payment and withdrawal methods offered by PlayWin is disappointing, to say the least.

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Mobile Options

Players who are on the go can still enjoy playing at PlayWin. There is a mobile app that allows players to enjoy playing Jaldi 5 while they are out and about. The app is only compatible with Android devices. The app is called Playwin Jaldi 5 Lucky Pick. While this convenient application gives players the power to buy tickets directly from their mobile device, the app does limit the lottery options to Jaldi 5 and Jaldi 5 Double.

Payout and Withdrawal Options

The payout options at MyPlayWin aren’t exactly easy to follow or understand. It is a somewhat complicated and complex process that players feel is a real pain in the neck. For starters, payouts must be made via the player’s PlayWin card. Players can obtain these cards at verified PlayWin dealers and outlets. They also can be topped off using a cell phone.

Besides visiting a PlayWin card dealer, outlet, or cell phone, there is no other way for a player to top off their cards. No other payment options are offered by MyPlayWin. The only way a player can gain access to the cash they have won at this lottery website is to take their MyPlayWin cards to a reputable dealer. A card dealer or outlet can withdraw your funds from your account and give you real cash.

How to Claim MyPlayWin Winnings

Claiming the prizes you have won is simple if you used the mobile app to purchase your tickets. As long as your mobile app purchased winning ticket is less than Rs 10,000, the funds will be credited to your MyPlayWin account card as soon as you make a claim. Players can withdraw their winnings any time they wish, but they have to go through the somewhat complicated process of visiting an authorized MyPlayWin dealer.

Any player that has a winning ticket that amounts to more than Rs 10,000 will need to fill out a special form to submit to the Indian government. The winnings claim form can be downloaded via the MyPlayWin website and mailed in. These forms can also be completed online. Once a player has completed the process of filling out the forms, they will be required to submit the following information to the Indian government.

  • The player’s card and pin code for their account must be presented. Players who do not present this code when making a claim will be unable to play lotteries at PlayWin until their card is returned. The card will not be returned until their winnings have been finalized.
  • An affidavit that is notarized must also be sent in to claim a larger lottery prize. The affidavit must state that the player didn’t cheat and state their identity.
  • Three notarized photographs must be submitted.
  • Proof of identity and proof of residence must be also submitted.
  • A canceled original check from the financial institution the player uses has to be submitted to claim a large prize. The personal details of the player must be presented on the check.

When all of the required information is submitted to the proper offices, players can expect to have their winnings sent to them via check within ninety days. Taxes are automatically deducted from the total winnings amount. A thirty percent on all large winnings payouts must be paid before winnings are handed out.

Customer Support

Commonly asked questions can be found on the MyPlayWin website, but there is email support offered. Customers can also reach out via phone between ten in the morning until six o’clock at night. The customer support team at PlayWin offers a fast response time for email queries that are thorough.

Rules and Regulations

Players must be at least eighteen years old to create an account and play the lotteries available at MyPlayWin. Players are required to reside in the following providences to be considered a legitimate player at PlayWin:

  • Sikkim
  • Punjab
  • Maharashtra

Any player outside of these Indian states will not be permitted to create an account or play any lotteries that are offered at PlayWin. In fact, players from other parts of the world can’t even access the MyPlayWin website.

Safety, security, and player privacy

Security and safety are very important in the world of online gaming. Indian gamers can rest easy when they play at this online lottery establishment. The website uses standard SSL encryption and is owned and operated by the government of Indian. Players don’t have to worry about the security of their financial information, especially with the way that the MyPlayWin site operates. Plus, the private identifying information of all players is kept confidential and secure. Some online gaming venues will release the private information of players under specific terms, but players are completely safe playing at this lottery website.

Content, media, and functionality

MyPlayWin is an attractive lottery site that is full of content and media that enhances the overall experience of the player. MyPlayWin is the first Indian based lottery company to receive promotion from the Essel Group Companies. In terms of lottery content, this gaming venue is sorely lacking in the international lottery department. With fast page loading times, the operation and execution of the site make this gaming venue a prime location.

Additional Content for Pros Section

One of the biggest advantages of playing the various lotteries at MyPlayWin is that all gaming is considered fair and safe. Players don’t have to worry about their personal or private information being compromised. Since the lotteries at this venue are regulated by the official government, players can expect gaming that is completely fair and unbiased.

Odds of Winning at MyPlayWin

The odds of winning at MyPlayWin can vary, depending on which lottery you play. Increasing your chances of winning any lottery starts with developing a strategy. Many players prefer to purchase tickets as a group to increase their odds of winning. The best way to increase your odds of winning is to play as much as you can in a responsible manner.

Lottery Strategies

There are a couple of different lottery strategies and guides that players can use and follow at MyPlayWin. Buying multiple tickets is the best route to take when trying to nail a jackpot. Purchasing tickets with a trustworthy group can improve your odds, but if you do win, the jackpot amount will be lower, as you have to split it between the group.

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Summary and Conclusion

MyPlayWin is a great online lottery site that is dedicated to Indian players. While there are a lot of great things about PlayWin, players are urged to check out other online lottery websites that offer international lotteries. The Lotter is a great option for international lotteries, and Lotto 247 is a superior lottery website. Another legitimate lottery site to consider includes Play Huge Lottos. All in all, MyPlayWin offers Indian players access to online lotteries, even if the options are limited. Players can count on the high tech security measures initialized by the Indian government to keep their online accounts secure.