FTR Poker becomes BLITZ POKER and launches in India


Becoming BLITZ Poker

In the poker world, Dan Bilzerian is known as one of the most prestigious high rollers. This millionaire poker player has decided to create his own online poker brand in India. This was when the birth and evolution of Blitz Poker began. The brand was previously known as FTR Poker, but has now rebranded and expanded to include Indian players. While real-life gambling is illegal in most parts of India, this new online poker venue is open to players from all over the world. The laws regarding online casino gaming in India contain many grey areas, but online casinos are generally considered to be completely legal. These loose gambling regulations make it possible for gaming establishments like Blitz Poker to blossom.

The online gaming sector continues to grow in India, which is why Dan Bilzerian capitalized on the opportunity to compete in the market. In terms of skill, Indian players have shown promise in the world of competitive poker. Players have the ability to play their hearts out at Blitz Poker in India. It is easy to see why this online poker destination is growing in popularity like wildfire. Free roll tournaments for online poker variations are thriving and expanding at Blitz Poker. Instant play and free play options are available for players who want to experiment with the gaming capabilities of the site.

Poker Variations at Blitz Poker

There are multiple poker variations at Blitz Poker in India. It doesn’t matter what type of poker you prefer to play. You are sure to find what you desire at this newly launched poker site for Indian players. Live poker games are constantly in progress at Blitz Poker.

Playing Blitz Poker in India can give you a way to explore new types of poker games. Stepping outside of the ordinary starts with creating a new player account at this innovative gaming venue. The following are a few of the poker variations you can explore:

  • 7 Card Stud – This is a simple version of poker, but there are many rules in this variation.
  • 32 Draw Poker – Players can try their hands at playing top notch poker games like 32 Draw.
  • Omaha Poker – There are tons of different formats for players to take advantage of.
  • Open Face Chinese Poker – This version of poker is fairly new, especially when compared to the other versions of poker.
  • Texas Hold ‘Em – This classic poker variety adds a new level of skill and excitement to this historic card game.
  • Boost Poker – For a fast fold version of poker, players in India should try playing Boost Poker.

Easiest Versions of Poker to Play

When learning how to play the gaming options at Blitz Poker, you should start by reviewing the easiest versions. Many players feel that Texas Hold ‘Em is the easiest game to start out with when you are new to playing poker. There are only two cards dealt to each player at the beginning of this poker game. A community board that all players can see and use is included in the Texas Hold ‘Em version of poker at Blitz Poker. In India, playing cards is looked down upon, unless the card game requires a certain level of skill. Poker is one of the unique games approved by Indian culture.

Americana poker is also easy to learn if you are new to the game. Players who have more skill and experience are urged to test their skills by playing 7 Stud Draw or Omaha Poker. Taking the time to read online poker guides can help you devise playing and betting strategies that are effective and efficient. Controlling your bankroll is one of the most important aspects of playing online poker. When you choose to play at Blitz Poker, you can expect access to over two hundred online poker tables.

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Poker Tournaments

Blitz Poker offers many Indian players a place to take part in online poker tournaments. Newcomers will love participating in the open tournaments available at Blitz Poker. These open tournaments are not only great for trying out new versions of poker, but they are also great for making online gaming friends. Poker tournaments are evenly spread across multiple tables to provide the most well-rounded gaming experience. All registered players at Blitz Poker are welcome to participate in the online poker tournaments. Winners may be awarded cash allotments or other types of valuable prizes. The total winnings a player can rake in are not limited, but players are urged to practice responsible gaming.

Players who take part in the poker tournaments offered by Blitz Poker are encouraged to use betting strategies. There are tons of poker strategies available for all types of poker games offered at Blitz Poker. Before taking part in a real money tournament, Indian players should try sharpening their skills with the free play option. The structures for payouts all vary in the online poker tournaments. Keeping your cool and making smart moves adds to the action packed thrill of the game.

Special Promotions

At Blitz Poker, India players can receive special promotions and bonuses. Not only does Blitz Poker accept rupees, but the venue also offers deposit and welcome bonuses.  First time deposit matches of up to fifty percent can be taken advantage of. Some players can even receive free cash or entries in tournaments as promotions at Blitz Poker. Free cash isn’t a bonus that is given out very often at this gaming venue. Most of the time, the bonus packages include reload bonuses that match a certain percentage of a player’s account reload deposit amount.

Signing Up for an Account

Creating a new account at Blitz Poker is fast and simple. The layout of the site is very organized, which makes it easy to navigate. Players from India are welcome to create new accounts at Blitz Poker. A valid email address and financial method are required to get started. Players can enjoy the free play mode in many of the poker games after they have created their accounts. Players who download the Blitz Poker software can take advantage of video poker tournaments with players from across India and the world! It is easy to see why so many players are flocking to play at Blitz Poker.