Lotto247 Lottery Review

Pros / Cons
  • Great welcome offer
  • A lot of great features
  • Numerous supported languages
  • A lot of payment options
  • Customer support only available to members

What’s Lotto247 and why should you know about them?

Lotto247 is an online lottery site that offers exciting lotteries to players from around the world, including India. Lotto 247 is highly recommended for players in India because it grants access to prestigious lotteries, such as Mega Millions. The world of online lotteries has changed forever since the inception of Lotto247. This site offers unlimited access to popular lotteries with enormous jackpots. Lotto 247 players from India can legally access valid tickets to all types of lotteries. Other lottery sites, like PlayWin, have restrictive rules and regulations. With Lotto247, players have more gaming flexibility. 

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Lotto247’s Welcome Offer

Online lottery sites for Indian players don’t typically offer welcome packages or special bonuses. This is a huge reason why the welcome bonus offered by Lotto 247 is considered surprisingly generous. New players who sign up for an account can expect to receive one free entry to the Powerball lottery. Only one free entry is allowed per player, but there are regulations to receive free entry. Players must fund their accounts using one of the accepted payment methods and buy a ticket. After players purchase a ticket, they will then be awarded a free Powerball entry.

Another welcome bonus that new players can enjoy at Lotto247 is the perk of a one hundred percent reimbursement for your first paid losing entry. Basically, if you pay with a credit card and buy a ticket that doesn’t win, you are eligible for reimbursement. This special offer only applies to new players who pay with credit cards. Players who use other payment options besides credit cards can receive an extra special bonus. If a new player plays for their first lottery ticket using a payment method besides a credit card, they are eligible to receive a two hundred percent reimbursement. This only applies if the ticket is not a winner.

Creating an account

Creating an account at Lotto247 is fast, easy, and full of benefits. When new players Create an Account, they will be required to enter their personally identifying information and their email addresses. Once players have confirmed their identities and funded their accounts, they can start playing. It is important to provide accurate information to the Lotto247 site. If you win, the customer support team will need the correct information to contact you about your winnings! Players can take advantage of bonuses, perks, and special promotions offered by Lotto 247 when they create a new account. Check out the bonus section to learn about player rewards and more!

Creating an account with Lotto 247 allows players the power to enhance their gaming experience beyond traditional online casino games, such as roulette. US Powerball is the biggest lottery in the world, offering some of the biggest jackpots ever seen. A free entry is a free chance to become a real live Powerball winner! All new accounts must be verified, and players must be eighteen years old to play! There aren’t any obligations or strings attached to creating an account. To receive the free Powerball entry, players will have to purchase their first lottery ticket.

Big Winners at Lotto247

Players from India have won big jackpots at Lotto247. In the past, Lotto 247 has awarded jackpots as large as €13,630 to players in India. One winner in particular named Djounaid, who was from Mayotte, was awarded €44,787.89 by playing at Lotto 247. What is truly remarkable about this man’s story is that just a few days before his massive win, he had been awarded just over €60. Playing keno can really pay off! Just recently, a couple from Kerala was awarded a brand new luxury car by a lottery from the United Kingdom. The winner’s circle at Lotto247 is full of small and big-time winners!

A twenty-eight-year-old man named James won big at Lotto 247, and he has managed to quit his job as a gardener to chase his dream. Tojo M. is another winner from India who was in shock by how much money he had won by playing at this online lottery site. Lotto247 is perfect for players from India who are seeking more lottery options than legally offered at this time. Many people from around India and the world have been made millionaires by playing at Lotto 247.

Gaming Options at Lotto247

Some of the most prestigious lotteries in the world can be found at Lotto247. Lotto 247 is notorious for providing lottery tickets from all over the globe, but it is not limited to only lotteries. Keno, scratch-off cards, and other instant win games are available at this unique online gaming site. While you can’t enjoy live gaming like you can at other casinos, Lotto247 does provide numerous lotteries that can rock your world. In addition to highly popular lotteries, Lotto 247 also has introduced exclusive lottery options, such as Powerball Plus and Mega Millions Max. SuperEna Max is another exclusive lottery offered here. 

The lottery options at Lotto 247 include well-known favourites and new introductions that are all worth checking out. The following is a small list of the plentifully available lotteries at Lotto247:

  • EuroJackpot – This European lottery offers huge rewards for those who take the risk of playing
  • Powerball – This American lottery has awarded a single jackpot of more than one and a half billion US dollars
  • Mega Millions – Mega Millions is widely trusted and reputable, as it has been around for a long time
  • El Gordo – El Gordo is a fun lottery that can mix things up!
  • Oz Powerball – Those who are ready for excitement will love this high stakes game

So how do you play these massive jackpots?

Playing the massive jackpots at Lotto 247 is relatively simple. Players will have to verify their player accounts and deposit funds before they can play. Once players have squared away their account status and financial information, they can begin browsing through the available lotteries. It is possible to buy multiple tickets from multiple lotteries at the same time. Players must select what lotteries they want to play and how many tickets they want to purchase. It is also a requirement for players to choose the numbers they would like to play. If a player doesn’t want to choose specific numbers, Lotto 247 offers a random number generator to provide options. 

For some players, their strategy to win at lotteries is to simply buy a few tickets. Other players prefer to take on other approaches to improve their odds of winning. When playing the massive lotteries at Lotto247, you should consider utilizing an effective gaming strategy. Traditionally, lotteries are games of chance rather than games of skill. However, smart wagers can boost the odds in the favor of players. Playing hot and cold numbers is a popular strategy for online lotteries. Lottery game guides can provide detailed strategy information. 

What players like about Lotto247

There are a lot of things that players like about playing at Lotto247. For starters, there is a nice gaming selection. Not only are there tons of lotteries to pick from, but there are also scratch off cards and keno games. The gaming variety is enough to keep players coming back for more, but some players prefer other online casinos where they can play table games, like 3 Card Poker.

Players also love how easy it is to sign up for an account, and they love how easy it is to deposit funds. The range of deposit and withdrawal options is another perk that draws the attention of lottery players. The easy to use website is simple to navigate, which makes finding your favourite games go quickly. The user interface is aesthetically pleasing and draws the attention of players.

Players also love the customer support that Lotto247 has to offer. If players experience a problem, they can count on the customer support team of Lotto247 to be there when they need them. The live chat options deserve to be recognized as being a fast way to solve technical issues and problems. Anytime players have questions, they can feel free to reach out to the customer service and support team for help.

Players like the ability to play game demos without being forced to download any software. The free game demos allow players to try out games before they start playing for real money. The scratchcard games have the most amount of free demo options. In the demo version, players cannot redeem any winnings.

Players also love that Lotto247 cares about the safety of its players. There are multiple security features in place to prevent the private information of players from being hacked into. Players can feel safe when they choose to play at Lotto247.

What players don’t like about Lotto247

While Lotto247 does have a lot to offer lottery players, it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of other gaming options. Besides keno, there are not any other table games available for players to enjoy. There aren’t any slots games, nor are there any live casino games. Many players wish that they could access state-run lottery tickets, such as the Punjab state lottery, which is known for having large payouts.

Financial Information

When playing at Lotto 247, there are multiple options when it comes to payment methods. Deposit funds or linking financial accounts is essential for successful gaming at Lotto247. Traditional payment options, like bank transfers and credit cards, are accepted at Lotto 247. However, the site also accepts other non-traditional deposit methods, such as virtual wallets. The popularity of e-wallets and electronic funds transfers has opened up a brand new list of options for players at Lotto247. In addition to the widely accepted options like Visa or EntroPay, Lotto 247 also accepts wire transfers, Web Pay, and Finnish Banks.

Near-instant bank transfers from EPS and Sofort-Uberweisung are accepted here. Cash and voucher payments from Oxxo and Multibanco are also options Lotto 247 accepts as payment for lottery tickets. The following virtual wallets are accepted at Lotto247:

  • Neteller –  Neteller is widely accepted by online casinos and gaming establishments from all sectors
  • Skrill – Skrill is one of the most trusted virtual wallets on the market, but Lotto247 requires a minimum deposit of €10
  • PaySafeCard – This prepaid system uses a sixteen-digit pin to make transactions
  • MTS – MTS transactions are smooth, but they require MTS phone service
  • Todito Cash – This is a prepaid voucher service accepted at this site

Customer support and service

The customer support and service at Lotto247 is spectacular. The live chat service isn’t some stiff robot, but instead, a warm person is available. The customer support team is fluent in ten different languages for superb communication. Live phone support is offered to players from Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM SAT. Service is also offered on Saturday mornings for those in need. The knowledgeable staff addresses all issues and concerns players express. All questions can be directed toward the support team. Email support service is also offered. Lotto247 offers a FAQ section on its site that addresses common questions players have. 

One thing that makes the customer support at Lotto 247 stand out among other online gaming venues is that there is a “Call Me Back Feature.” This feature allows a player to provide their contact information using the automated system. The support team will reach out using the contact information that the player put into the system. This prevents players from experiencing long wait times if call volumes are high. Lotto247 provides tons of digital educational guides and helpful information to its users. It is also possible to reach out to the Lotto 247 staff via Facebook. 


Players can either purchase single lottery tickets or lottery tickets in bulk. Simply put, syndicates are a way of playing that allows you to group with other players to increase your chances of winning. Playing as a group has always been a popular strategy to increase your chances of winning the lottery, but there’s always been the issue of dividing winnings and matching up with players. Lotto247 understands this and has automated the system to match you with other players and divide the winning automatically, this makes it a much more enjoyable experience to play syndicates at Lotto247.

There are multiple perks associated with syndicates, but there are also a few drawbacks. Not every gaming strategy can be perfect. Lotto247 encourages all players to practice smart gaming when playing the lottery. Make smart wagers that allow you to easily control your bankroll. One con of syndicates is that if the jackpot is small, you won’t rake in a lot of cash. Large syndicates are often used in huge jackpots to spice up the odds in the favor of the players. One of the best things about syndicates is that players can interact with other people, which greatly enhances their social gaming experience.

Safety, Security, and Licensing Header

Players can feel safe when making transactions at Lotto 247. All player information is kept private and secure using top of the line SSL encryption technology. Lotto247 is licensed and operated by the Curacao Gaming Commission. Since 2016, Lotto247 has proven itself as a safe gaming provider by routinely boosting security measures. This lottery site is proudly accredited by SRC. Lotto 247 is a real and trustworthy gaming outlet that Indian players can rely on for lottery-based fun. It is completely legal to play the lotteries offered at Lotto 247, no matter where you are located. 

How to Claim Winnings

Claiming a winning ticket at Lotto 247 requires minimal effort on behalf of players. If you are lucky enough to grab a winning ticket, the team at Lotto247 will automatically distribute your winnings into your player account. Once you have the funds, you can transfer them to your desired financial location. While it seems breezy, there are some requirements for being awarded funds. Players must prove their identity using legal documentation, and the player must have a verified account. Most winners don’t face this issue, as this information is typically taken care of when the account is created. 

Winners of more than €200 are notified of their success via a phone call from the Lotto247 support team. It can take as little as two days to receive your winnings, or it can take as long as twenty days to receive your earnings. Winners at Lotto 247 are placed into three categories that rank according to the amount won by the player. Category A is reserved for winners who score a jackpot. Category B is reserved for second place winners. Category C refers to all other secondary prize winners. 


Lotto247 is licensed under the Curacao eGaming authorities and follows the strict guidelines that go along with it. The site also uses SSL to encrypt all personal details submitted on the site.

Playing at Lotto247 is completely legal, the site allows players to play at international lotteries without going to those countries in-person lottery ticket shops.

There’s multiple reasons to play at Lotto247, one of them is the fact that you can enter international lotteries which you cannot enter in-person from India. Another reason is the great customer support team that’s available in over 10 languages.

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