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Welcome to! The ever changing world of online casinos is constantly growing and it’s easy to get lost. With new casinos being started daily the question becomes: which one should i choose? There’s a bunch of factors that go into answering this question, but one thing is clear – players like bonuses. New casinos usually provide the best and biggest bonuses in their starting days as they’re looking to attract new players, which ends up being a win win situation. This is where you go to find the best new casinos, the biggest casino bonuses and the best free spins offers.

Free Spins  Casino Bonus  New Casinos

Free Spins  Casino Bonus  New Casinos

Rizk Casino Review

₹7,900 welcome bonus + 50 free spins!

Both casino & betting
Amazing design
Great selection of slots

Casumo Casino Review

₹50,000 welcome bonus

Great selection of games
Amazing customer support
Proven fair by TST

Leo Vegas Casino Review

₹30,000 welcome bonus

Good welcome bonus
Casino and sportsbook
Trustable, safe and easy to use casino

Dunder Casino Review

Doesn't accept Indian players.

20 no-deposit free spins
Over 1000 slots
World’s largest online progressive slots

Lucky Days Casino Review

₹100,000 welcome bonus

20 no-deposit free spins
Bonus on 3 deposits
More than 1000 casino games

Mr Green Casino Review

Doesn't accept Indian players.

Generous free spins offer
Fast withdrawals
Emphasis on responsible gambling

Omnia Casino Review

₹30,000 welcome bonus

Generous free spins offer
Unique and modern design
Fast withdrawals

Spinia Casino Review

₹19,800 welcome bonus + 50 free spins!

Amazing money bonus
Fast withdrawal times
Great customer support

Unibet Casino Review

₹10,000 welcome bonus

Fast withdrawal times
Modern design
Great customer support

Royal Panda India Casino Review

₹10,000 welcome bonus

Best Indian casino
Fast withdrawal times
Huge withdrawal limit

Casino Joy Casino Review

₹71,600 welcome bonus + 200 free spins!

Amazing welcome bonus
Lots of payment options
Excellent games variety

888 Casino Review

₹15,000 welcome bonus

One of the most popular Indian casinos
Lots of payment options
Multiple languages available

BitStarz Casino Review

₹35,000 welcome bonus + 180 free spins!

Amazing money bonus
Fast withdrawal times
Great customer support

VoodooDreams Casino Review

₹100,000 welcome bonus + 200 free spins!

Amazing bonus
Completely instant-play format
Great customer support

JackpotCity Casino Review

₹160,000 welcome bonus

An amazing welcome bonus
Among the most popular Indian casinos
Massive selection of games



Bonuses and free spins at new casinos

One of the big benefits of new casinos are the bonuses that come along with them. More casinos also means more options for players, which leads to players having more leverage when it comes to choosing which casino they want to go with. New casinos are usually very aware of this and bring massive bonuses to stand out and attract new Indian players. The massive competition among new casinos for Indian players has forced casinos to expand their ideas about casino bonuses in an effort to be unique. Some of these new concepts have resonated well with the players.

Here’s a few examples of these types of concepts:

  • Rewarding players in real-time. Some casinos have started rewarding players in real-time by allowing players to fill up a statusbar to unlock new rewards. This works like a sort of level-system which has been very appreciated by players.
  • No wagering bonuses. Wagering means you have to bet your bonus amount a specific amount of times before being able to withdraw them. This is a way for casinos to make sure you actually use the bonus to play. Some casinos have started offering bonuses without wagering, which of course players seem to love.
  • Super Spins and other versions of free spins. Free spins have been dominating the bonuses when it comes to slots and for a long time have been the way to try out new games. The stakes were limited and any winnings had a large wagering requirement to go along with it. The last few years some casinos started offering new types of free spins, sometimes described as free spins on steroids. There’s many names to it but it’s often called something like Super Spins, Big Spins or Real Spins. These are usually much more rewarding to the players, by having higher stakes and usually no wagering.

Keep this in mind when choosing a new casino

There’s a bunch of benefits of playing on a new casino, but here’s a few things to keep in mind when deciding if you’re gonna play on a new casino or not.

It’s not easier to win on a new casino

This is very important, a fairly common theory is that it’s easier to win on new casinos and casino games. This simply isn’t true. Most casinos use the same game developers and the RTP is usually the same no matter which casino you decide to go with. How, when and where wins are distributed is always random.

New casinos – A somewhat modified truth

A majority of new casinos are what we call White Labels. This means that companies usually buy a packaged casino solution and only actually do the marketing. This isn’t necessarily bad by any stretch of the imagination, but it means that new casinos are usually very similar to each other. You’ll get access to new offers and bonuses, but the range of games, deposit methods, customer support etc are usually the same or very similar to that of established casinos.


Development of casino tech and games

Besides the fact that new casinos contribute to raising the standards of all casinos, it also has a big impact when it comes to software vendors and game developers. The third party providers that are able to adjust and adapt to the demands of the players will have a massive advantage over the ones that don’t. This ultimately leads to more competition between the providers, meaning more awesome features for the players.

Virtual Reality Casinos

With the massive interest surrounding virtual reality headsets, game providers have shown interest in developing online casino games such as slots that can be played in virtual reality. Netent is one of the providers that have been working on VR projects, here’s a video showcasing the VR-version of the popular slots game Jack and The Beanstalk:

Casinos without registration

To us, the best and most game-changing casino innovation in modern time was launched in 2016 by a payment provider named Trustly. Trustly made it possible to automate the process of registration and verification of new accounts. This means that players can start playing without the hassle of long and time consuming registration forms.


Adding missions to casino games

Casino games have for the longest time been quite basic. You make a bet and you either win or lose. In an effort to increase the interaction between the players and the games, some providers have implemented missions and achievements. Quickspin Achievements is an excellent example of this, as it gives players missions with specific goals that have to be completed in order to collect a reward.




Find a casino for you and register an account.


All of our casinos offer free spins for new players.


Don’t forget that you get extra bonus money if you play with us.


If you win, simply collect your win and enjoy it!

What’s next for new casinos?

The concept of online casino games is still relatively new. The industry is moving fast and some claim that it’s already a mature industry. We think that the industry still lacks innovation, and that providers should focus on innovation instead of mass production.

Blockchain technology and new casinos

With the massive growth in popularity that blockchains such as Bitcoin has seen in recent years, some new casinos see an opportunity to innovate. It’s quite likely that we’ll see more and more blockchain features being included in future projects.
While blockchain might seem like just another trend, there’s some potential benefits that it could bring that could be massive for online casinos. Currently, casinos are having their legitimacy controlled by third party verifiers to make sure that the games are fair. The blockchain technology can offer a new, completely transparent way for players to verify the legitimacy of games on their own. This would be completely decentralized meaning that players don’t have to trust third party verifiers, but instead themselves. A casino using this technology is BitStarz.

Casinos that aren’t at an advantage against the players

Something that we’ve seen new casinos experiment with recently is implementing games where the casino statistically doesn’t actually have an advantage. By removing the zero from roulette, or adding specific bonuses in Blackjack, we’re able to remove the statistical advantage that the casinos have. So how would casinos be able to afford this? Well, when it comes to games like roulette, casinos statistically wouldn’t make any money. But when it comes to other games, such as blackjack, where there’s actually some skills involved, casinos will still be able to profit as many players naturally make decisions that aren’t optimal until they learn the game. We find this concept to be very exciting, and we hope to see more and more new casinos try to implement this.


Gamification is a word that’s being thrown around a lot in the world of online casinos right now. Many casinos find that bringing the concept of gamification to casinos is massively promising. Wikipedia says that “Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts”. The goal of gamification is to make games more interesting and interactive for the players, in hopes of making games more enjoyable.



New casinos are online casinos that have recently been opened, either by fresh brands in the industry, or as a child casino to some more established brands.

Once a new casino is opened it faces a lot of competition when it comes to finding new players. This means that new casinos usually have to offer much bigger bonuses than more established brands, which is great for players looking for the biggest welcome bonuses.

All new casinos shown on are legitimate, meaning they are licensed and has a reputation to uphold.

The answer to this constantly changes, and it depends on what you consider a new casino. But throughout 2019 there’s been approximately 20 new casinos added to Indiafreespins.

Yes, you can claim as many bonuses as you’d like, which is why we’ve got a counter showing you how much of a bonus you can get combined. If you run out of bonuses you can always come back here, as we update our lists regularly and new bonuses come up all the time.

This depends on which casino you choose to play for. A lot of new casinos are using the payment method Trustly, meaning that a withdrawal can be as quick as 5-15 minutes. If you choose another payment method it might take longer though, please see our page for payment methods for more specific information.


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