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Welcome to! We love casinos, both online and physical casinos. You know what we don’t love? Looking through and endless selection of casinos and having no clue where to start. We’re here to guide you through the massive selection of online casinos and making sure you find the casino that fits you the best. This is where you come when you’re looking for a new casino, a new free spins offer or just the best overall casino bonus.

Free Spins  Casino Bonus  New Casinos

Free Spins  Casino Bonus  New Casinos

LeoVegas Casino Review

₹80,000 welcome bonus + 30 free spins!

Best mobile casino
Exclusive slot machines
Trustable, safe and easy to use casino

10CRIC Casino Review

150% up to ₹20,000!

Caters to Indian market
UPI mobile banking available
Live casino & Sportsbook

ShadowBet Casino Review

₹8,000 welcome bonus + 100 free spins!

10 NO deposit free spins using code NODEPO10
Live chat
24/7 withdrawal times

Jeetwin Casino Review

₹23,000 welcome bonus & ₹1,000 no deposit

₹1,000 NO deposit bonus!
Both casino & sportsbook

Casumo Casino Review

200% up to ₹2,000 welcome bonus

New promotions every week
Level up system
One of the most trusted casinos

Royal Panda India Casino Review

₹100,000 welcome bonus + 10 free spins!

Recurring bonuses
Great trial games system
Fast withdrawal times

Pure Casino Review

₹10,000 welcome bonus!

UPI mobile banking available
Min. deposit of ₹250 on 1st deposit
Designed for Indian players

JackpotCity Casino Review

₹160,000 welcome bonus

An amazing welcome bonus
Among the most popular Indian casinos
Massive selection of games

Melbet Casino Review

₹145,000 welcome bonus + 290 free spins!

Both casino & sportsbook
Cryptocurrencies supported

Grand Mondial Casino Review

₹19,500 welcome bonus + 150 free spins!

150 Mega Moolah Free Spins!
Most popular Indian casino
Holds three gaming licenses





Finding the best casino bonus in India

The list above is built to easily find the casino bonuses that fit your needs. We’re well aware that every casino player is unique and has different preferences regarding what classifies as a “good bonus”. This is why we help you sort your bonuses by whatever category fits you the best in the moment. If you’re interested in finding out more information about a specific type of bonus such as free spins, use the navigation menu at the top of the page to find the section you’re looking for. 

Deposit casino bonuses

Most casinos offer great bonuses for players looking to deposit money. We’re using a mathematical formula to calculate how valuable each casino bonus is to you as a player. The formula takes your deposit, the bonus they’re offering and the wagering requirements into account to calculate how valuable it actually is. When you’re browsing our website to find the best casino bonus, you can feel safe knowing we always rank websites based on their value to you as a player.

No deposit casino bonuses

A slightly less popular type of sign up bonus is what we call a “no deposit bonus”. This means that as soon as you open an account you’ll have a set amount of money added to your account.By slightly less popular we mean that it’s less popular for online casino in India. For players this bonus is usually very appreciated. This bonus is usually offered to let players try out new games.

Most valuable casino bonuses

When calculating the value of a casino bonus we’re looking to see which bonus gives you the most amount of the casinos money as possible. We value all players money and want to see you maximize your chances of profit as much as possible from your online casino games. For this we compare the bonus offered to the wagering requirements. A good bonus should have low or preferably even no wagering requirements. We use the formula below to calculate the value of all our bonuses.
  • Bonus percentage/Wagering requirements = Bonus value


Common casino bonuses

The most common casino bonus in India is bonus real money. These are usually offered as a bonus that match the amount of your first deposits. Your deposit can be matched entirely, partly or multiple times. How your deposit is matched is usually written by percentage.


  • Bonus that is partly matched: 50% up to 100€. Deposit 100€ and play with 150€.
  • Bonus that is entirely matched: 100% up to 200€. Deposit 200€ and play with 400€.
  • Bonus that is matched multiple times: 200% up to 200€. Deposit 200€ and play with 600€.

These types of bonuses can also be offered as a reload-bonus to players in India. This means that you might get another bonus on your second or third deposit – after your welcome bonus.

Cashback Bonuses

A cashback bonus is another type of bonus that many online casino in India offer to players who are already playing for real money. The format of this type of bonus is that if you will receive a percentage of your money back if you have had a losing session over a predetermined period of time. No player sets out to lose real money when they play online, but every player inevitably has a losing streak when luck is not going their way. That is where a cashback bonus comes in.

If you lose real money during the cashback bonus betting window, the casino that offered the bonus will return a small percentage of your losses to you as the bonus payout. This percentage payout will frequently be around five or ten percent of what you lost and will help your bankroll bounce back from that downswing. In the alternative event you have a winning session during a cashback bonus promotion, you unfortunately won’t receive any benefit from this type of bonus. You definitely won’t miss that bonus though, since you’ll have won real money compared to the unluckier players who were able to collect the cashback bonus!

Free spins as a bonus

Almost as popular as bonus money, free spins is the second most popular type of sign up bonus. A free spin is where you’re able to spin a slot for free. The value of free spins varies greatly and is determined by factors like coin value, wagering and maximum winnings. If you’re looking for free spins bonuses we’d recommend checking out our free spins page.

Aside from regular free spins, many casinos also offer no deposit free spins as a sign up bonus. Usually these bonuses are tied into other bonuses, for example a casino might offer you 200 free spins, of which 20 are given to you as soon as you sign up and the rest are divided over a couple of days once you’ve deposited money. To make sure you’re always getting the best free spins available in India we recommend you check out our page free spins India.

Referral Bonuses

Referral bonuses are another great way to build your bankroll and is a popular type of bonus that many online casinos in India offer. Online casinos India are always on the hunt for new players to attract to their platform; referral bonuses are just a way for them to delegate that task to their existing players. A referral bonus is given to you when you’re the reason a new player opens an account and begins playing for real money.

Bonuses have terms and conditions

As a player, it’s very important to understand and follow the terms of conditions that apply to the casino bonus you’re using. The terms and conditions vary depending on which online casino you’re playing at. It’s your responsibility as a player to make sure you find out what terms and conditions apply to the specific bonus you decide to use. 

Keep in mind that casinos may sometimes change their offers before we’re able to update It’s always the casinos that end up deciding what bonuses they’re willing to offer, and so we reserve the right to cancel, adjust, restrict and stop our bonus offers.


Casino Bonus List



Wagering requirements for casino bonuses

Most casino bonuses come with a wagering requirement. This means that you have to bet your money a set amount of times before they’re available for withdrawal. Wagering requirements exist to make sure that the bonus money is actually used for playing.

For example: You choose a casino bonus from the list above. The bonus gives you 50€ and the wagering is set at 25x. This means that you have to bet 1250€ (50×25 = 1250) before you can make a withdrawal from the casino.

Where you can use your casino bonus

Some of the casinos you’ll find on also offer bonuses odds bonuses or poker bonuses. You can check out more information about these bonuses on our betting and poker page. 

You can’t always use your casino bonus for betting or the other way around, it depends on how the bonus is designed and which terms and conditions apply. Casinos usually give you different bonus options when you sign up so make sure you choose the one that fits you the best!

Not all games count towards the wagering requirement

Something that’s easily missed when looking at the terms and conditions is that not all games count towards the wagering requirement. Always make sure that the game you’re playing actually counts towards the wagering, and that you understand how different games may have different wagering rates. A wagering rate determines how much of what you’re betting actually counts towards the wagering requirements. The wagering rates differ from website to website and are usually written in terms of a percentage. 

For example playing roulette may only count 5% towards your wagering requirements, meaning if you bet 20€ you’ll only have completed 1€ of the wagering requirements. 

Time frame to complete wagering requirements

Casinos usually put a limit on how long a casino bonus is active. If you haven’t used your bonus and completed the wagering requirements by this time frame you’ll lose your bonus. This time frame is usually at least 60 days, but many casinos have an even longer time frame. Make sure to look at your casinos terms and conditions to see their specific time frame.



Activating your casino bonus

When you’ve been offered a casino bonus you usually don’t have to do anything. It’s usually activated immediately after registering for the casino. Sometimes you have to activate the casino bonus through clicking somewhere, this is usually done while registering or right after registering. It’s usually very clear how you go about activating your bonus.We recommend you to always activate your casino bonus as soon as possible. Activating means you start playing with your bonus. To start an account for a site and then not do anything for a period is not recommended. You may register and not start playing for two months and find that your casino bonus is gone.If you miss using a casino bonus and want it activated you can usually email the casinos support and ask them to activate it.

Cancelling a casino bonus always tries to offer our players the best possible latest casino bonuses. But sometimes it doesn’t go like you planned, or maybe something changes that makes you want to cancel your casino bonus. Is that possible?It’s almost always possible to cancel a casino bonus, but it usually means you lose any potential winnings. And when asking to cancel a casino bonus you’ll usually also lose any free spins or other gifts that you got when accepting it.If you can’t find how to cancel a bonus, try emailing the casinos support team and asking them to cancel it. If the casinos support team can’t help you cancel the bonus then you might want to just let the time run out.

Common casino bonus terminology

Here’s the explanation of some of the terms we’ve used in the text above: 
Bonus modeA game mode for slot machines where the biggest wins exist.
Bonus spinAnother word for free spins.
Bonus gameSee “Bonus mode”.
CashbackA bonus that offers a percentage of your losses back.
Parachute bonusA bonus that is activated when you’ve lost your initial deposit.
High Roller bonusA bonus for players that are playing for massive amounts
Deposit bonusAll bonuses that are activated when depositing
Loyalty programBonus program for loyal and returning players
Matching bonusBonus that matches a deposit, entirely, partly or multiple times.
Mobile bonusA bonus that can only be used on mobile platforms.
No deposit bonusBonuses that doesn’t require a deposit
No sticky bonusSee “Parachute bonus”
Wagering requirementsThe amount of times you have to bet your bonus before it’s available for withdrawal.
Percentage bonusSee “Matching bonus”.
Reload bonusA bonus that’s activated once your welcome bonus is gone.
Slots bonusBonuses that are only available for slots
Welcome bonusA bonus that is activated when you register or the first time you deposit.


Claiming a casino bonus is simple, but we urge you to check out the terms and conditions before doing so. To claim a casino bonus, simply find a bonus that fits you in the lists above, press “Play now”, register an account, make a deposit and accept the bonus. If you’re using a no deposit bonus you won’t even have to make a deposit, and can simply accept the bonus after creating your account.

It’s pretty much the same thing but in different forms. A casino bonus is usually a set amount of money that you can use to play any online casino game, while free spins is a set amount of times you can play a slot machine for free.

If you’re looking for the maximal amount of wins possible you’ll want to claim a bonus, as it allows you to play for more money than you deposit when playing at an online casino. Make sure you understand the wagering requirements for the bonus you’re claiming though, as using a bonus usually means you cannot withdraw your money right away.

Of course you can, you’re always able to decline a welcome bonus and simply play for the money you deposit. This allows you to play without wagering requirements and other restrictions.

Yes, you can claim as many bonuses as you’d like, which is why we’ve got a counter showing you how much of a bonus you can get combined. If you run out of bonuses you can always come back here, as we update our lists regularly and new bonuses come up all the time.

Some, if not most casinos offer bonuses even after the welcome bonus. These are usually offered as a bonus on the second, third and or fourth deposit. It’s not uncommon that these bonuses are just as big as the first bonus. So if you’ve already claimed a bonus but you like the casino you’re playing for, check if they offer a bonus on the second deposit as well before you go to another casino.

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