BGO Casino Review

BGO casino began in 2012 and has been providing online gamblers with a safe, reliable, and consistent playing experience for their entire existence.  Their legitimacy was confirmed in 2014 when their partnership began with Playtech, one of the biggest names in gambling software. Their ongoing relationship with Playtech has ensured that they have continued to offer their players top-rate gaming options while they grow their game library and enhance their users’ experiences.  BGO’s growth has led them to expand their market outside of Europe and into India, where they are sure to find millions more satisfied customers.

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Pros / Cons
  • Completely instant-play
  • Large selection of games from several software providers
  • Live gaming available
  • Live chat support
  • Multiple country restrictions

The Player’s Experience

BGO casino’s appearance is bright and colorful, which provides a visually appealing interface for any player that visits their site.  They playfully incorporate seasonal highlights into their graphics, with nice touches like digital snow adorning the BGO logo on their landing page.  It’s easy to have fun on this site when you know that the people designing and running it are having fun too.

BGO casino’s top navigation bar is simple and easy to navigate, which everyone is looking for.  That menu has different colored quick links with icons for the Home page, Live games, Bingo, Promotions, the Rewards Hub, the VIP section, and Tournaments.  You may be asking yourself, but where are the slots? Fear not, because just below a wide scrolling bar of promotions is a secondary navigation bar with even more menu options.

It’s certainly an interesting design choice for BGO casino to have their site navigation divided between two menu bars.  What’s even more interesting is that the Live Games choice appears on both menus, while the popular slots and casino games options only appear on the secondary navigation bar.  This secondary navigation bar is downplayed by its lack of icons and color that the first navigation bar includes, but that secondary navigation bar is exactly where you’ll find the strength of BGO casino’s offerings: their slots.

What Games Can I Play at BGO Casino?


Live Games

BGO casino offers a decent selection of live games and bingo, but the strength of their options is their slots.  For live games, BGO casino primarily sticks to the traditional favorites of blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, with just a few more unique games for players looking to try something new.  If you’re looking for a wider selection of obscure and lesser known live games, like the classic from India called Teen Patti, then BGO casino might not be the site for you.  The small selection of live games they do offer, however, provide players with fast, reliable connections and a smooth playing experience.


Bingo Games

BingoIf bingo is what you’re after, then BGO casino’s selection of games is on par with their selection of live games.  Rather than overwhelm players with a flood of bingo game options, BGO casino has instead opted to offer a limited selection of bingo games that they’ve curated to give players the best experience without having to sift through a lot of options they’re not interested in.  BGO casino offers both 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games so you can easily find the bingo game you’re looking for.



SlotsIn contrast to the limited quantity of BGO casino’s live game options (only fifteen) and bingo options (only fourteen), BGO casino doesn’t hold back on the slots games they offer to players.  They have a whopping 818 different slots games to choose from! Every slots enthusiast is sure to find dozens of games at BGO casino that spark their interest. This focus on slots is made apparent by the fact that BGO’s site doesn’t even separate their slots out onto a secondary page, they are all right there on the home page.

BGO casino’s slots menu is set up in a way that will appeal to the players who listen to their entire music library on shuffle from those who know their favorite songs and play those select few songs on repeat in an endless loop.  That’s because BGO’s slots appear in 25 game increments with simple navigation to view each set of 25, but there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to how they’re arranged. That means that if you’re looking for a particular game, you’d better know where it is in the sea of slots games, or you could be looking for it for quite a long time.

On the other hand, if you’re always interested in trying a new slots game, BGO casino’s layout is perfect for you.  Finding your next slots game is practically a slots game in and of itself, where you can pick any page of the slots catalog to bring up a new set of 25 games to choose from.  Slightly hidden in the top right corner of BGO’s site is a magnifying glass that will let you zero in on the game you’re looking for, but it’s easily missed if you don’t know it’s there.  

So there is a reprieve, after all, for those slots players who know exactly what slots game they’re looking for.  This search feature is quite impressive in that it displays a small icon for each game in the search results as an overlay of the page you’re on, so you can use that search feature from any page without disrupting your location or losing track of where you were on the site when you started your search.


BGO Casino’s rewards program is one of the most extensive out there and provides excellent benefits to its players that increase as they move up in levels.  This is where BGO sets itself apart, where many other casinos have 4, 5, or 6 levels of player benefits, BGO casino holds nothing back and has a whopping 10 levels of benefits for players to advance through.  These rewards levels reset each week and progress from modest rewards of free spins for the first few levels to cold, hard cash for the higher levels.


If slots games are what you’re looking for, then BGO is an excellent site for you.  Their extensive catalog of games combined with their generous rewards program make BGO a top choice for slots players.

BGO casino/sports is licensed the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and follows the strict regulations that this governing body enforces on it’s licensees. BGO also uses SSL encryption to make sure that your personal details are always secure.

The withdrawal times on BGO casino range between 3-24 hours depending on which payment method you choose.

The minimum deposit allowed at BGO casino is ₹900 and the amount is instantly available on your account after your first deposit, along with any potential bonus rewards from your welcome bonus.
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₹18,500 welcome bonus