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Evolution Gaming is proud to announce the launch of their new game, Lightning Baccarat. Players who are looking for an ideal live gaming experience will love this new take on an old classic. Evolution Gaming already has award winning Live Lighting Roulette in addition to Lightning Dice. Only time will tell what the future will hold for this one of a kind game developer. Evolution Gaming is known for producing stellar games that are true forces to be reckoned with. The creation of their newest game releases is not any different than any other top of the line release Evolution Gaming has offered.

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Fast Paced Gameplay

Those who are looking for hardcore gameplay that will keep them on their toes will find Lightning Baccarat to be right up their alley. Players who have enjoyed other Lightning versions of classic casino games are sure to fall head over heels for this definitive gaming experience that has been taken to a whole new level. Right before the cards are dealt for the main part of the game, a Lightning Round takes place. During this exciting lightning round, prize multipliers are passed out to players. Visually, Evolution Gaming did not leave players disappointed. The top of the line graphics are utterly epic and match nicely with the gameplay.

Boost Your Winnings

Players won’t be disappointed by the lightning quick gameplay or thrilling ability to boost their overall winnings. The lighting cards are drawn at random and give players a chance at nailing a 512 time multiplier. The lightning fast action never stops as gameplay continues. The user interface is eye catching and user friendly, which only adds to the overall appeal of the game. The intense sound effects and stunning visual aesthetic of this game create an immersive experience that makes Lightning Baccarat incredibly addictive. It is easy to get caught up and swept away by the upbeat pace of this superb live dealer game.

Thrills that are Electrifying

Any player who is ready to take their gaming experience to the next level is going to find Lightning Baccarat the game they have been looking for. In the Lightning Baccarat review, players rave about the stunning graphics and edgy gameplay this game entails. Those who love the classic flow of baccarat will adore the lightning fast pace of Lightning Baccarat. This extraordinarily exciting game is much like other lightning versions of live dealer games. The multipliers and fast gameplay are what will keep players coming back to play again and again. Evolution Gaming didn’t leave much to be desired when they created their new take on baccarat. This table game has had a makeover and is ready to make its way to an online casino near you.

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Multiple Multipliers!

During Lightning Baccarat, players will be delighted with the availability of multipliers. During the lightning round, players can expect five lightning cards to be drawn from the deck. Of course, the deck is the typical virtual fifty two card deck. Multipliers range in value from two times to eight times the payout amount. Players who are lucky enough to snag three matching lightning cards will find themselves in for a special treat. Three matching eight times multipliers could add up to an extra perk of five hundred twelve times the original wager. If a player has six lightning cards that match, they will be jolted by a multiplier of 262,144.

Coming Soon to a Gaming Establishment Near You

Lightning Baccarat is expected to come to gaming establishments soon. It is estimated that the game will be available during the first quarter of the coming year. All in all, players will find this game to be entertaining, exciting, and potentially fruitful. If you feel that Lady Luck is on your side, the chance to play this truly original take on baccarat is just what you need. The only negative thing that can be said about this game is that sometimes, the fast action gameplay can be hard for some players to keep up with. One thing that is for certain, is Lightning Baccarat is not for the faint of heart. Imagine racking up matching multipliers to win a huge payout amount. The thrill is enough to keep players coming back for more time and time again.


Players won’t want to miss their chance to partake in Lightning Roulette from Evolution Gaming. The fun, excitement, and thrills are enough to keep you coming back to play time and time again. Multiple locations will be privy to this game once it has been released for the public to enjoy. The potential to increase your payout to an exceptional amount only adds to the thrills and exhilaration playing this game creates. In terms of multipliers, bonuses, and elation, Lightning Baccarat is a well rounded game that checks all of the boxes.

Here’s a teaser that Evolution Gaming released for the upcoming release

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