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Welcome to! We love sports betting. The feeling of watching our favorite games with the added excitement of having money on the line – there’s few things that can top it. What we don’t like? Spending unnecessary time looking for a betting site that allows Indian players, has bonuses for new player and is safe. With more and more betting sites being released almost daily, it’s not an easy choice. That’s where we come in. We’ve spent hundreds of hours playing, analyzing and reviewing the most popular betting sites available to Indian players. Our goal is to share the information we’ve learnt so that you can make a more educated choice. Let us do the research so that you don’t have to.

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Getting started

Sports betting is very popular all around the world, and India is no exception to this. Online betting is becoming more and more popular each year and Indian betting sites are starting to focus on the local market more than ever before. That’s why we want to talk about what betting is, how to bet and what some of the most popular sports are.

What is betting?

Have you ever stayed on the couch, watching your favorite cricket match, and thought: “Today I think India will win”? Or watched a horse race and thought “that underdog looks promising; I think he might win this one”? Well, this is betting! Or at least this is the principle of betting; all that remains is you wagering some real money on your predictions.

Sports betting is a category of gambling where you place stakes on the outcome of a sports result. You could bet on the winner of a cricket match, on the total goals of a soccer match, or on a podium finish in a horse race. There are no limits. You can bet on almost any sport or market.

Betting has one big advantage in comparison to casino games.  While at casinos you depend mostly on luck, here the outcome of your bet will be influenced by your sports knowledge and betting aptitudes. You are a master of your own destiny and not Lady Fortune. That’s why there are lots of professional bettors out there who are able to make a living out of this. But it takes a lot of work to reach that level and you might not be at that level quite yet, so let’s take things slowly.

How online betting works

Betting online is actually quite simple. First you’ll have to find an online bookmaker (betting site) at which to play. That’s easy, there are a lot of betting sites in India and our list is a great tool to find the site for you. Once you’ve found the site for you, simply create an account and make a deposit.

Once you’ve made a deposit you can use your account balance to place wagers. Every time you want to bet, you simply log onto your account and place a bet. Most sportsbooks can be accessed from any device, meaning you can take your bets with you wherever you go.

When you want to cash out your winnings you just have to request a withdraw and wait. It’s that simple!

Is betting legal in India?

When talking about the legality of online betting in India, things are a little complicated. Most indian states have banned land-based sports betting, meaning that there’s no physical stores where you can bet. Online sports betting however is an unregulated market, meaning that there are no laws preventing Indian customer from placing an online bet with a bookmaker based in another country. This means that online betting is perfectly legal in India, while physical or in-person sports betting isnt. If you’d like to read more about the subject, check out our article on gambling legality.

Worldwide there are two ways to bet: at a betting shop or online. But because local bookmakers are not allowed in India, the only option left is to bet using the internet. All important online betting agencies have their headquarters in countries like Malta, Curacao or Gibraltar, so you can open an account to any bookmaker that accepts Indian players. And there are a lot out there.



Find a site for you and register an account.


Don’t forget that you get bonus money if you play with us.


Add some excitement to your predictions.


If you win, simply collect your win and enjoy it!



What bookmaker should I choose?

There are lots of betting sites in India, and while they all offer sports betting they’re often very different when it comes to other aspects. Some have a better sports offer, while others have bigger odds. Some offer live streaming and are particularly famous for their advanced live betting platform, while others focus on customer service, payment diversity or mobile platform. The welcome bonus can also be a decisive criteria for a new player.

But maybe you are not in the mood of doing any research, or simply have no idea what bookmaker to choose. Then let us make a recommendation for you. LeoVegas is one of the most popular online bookmakers in the world, being able to satisfy all kinds of customers. And the good news is that they accept Indian players. Even better, you can get a welcome bonus of 100% up to ₹10,000!

How do I make a deposit and withdraw?

It is basically the same system used by online casinos. You open an account and use one of the available payment methods to make a deposit. You can choose from debit/credit cards and a bunch of eWallets (Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz), or prepaid cards (AstroPay, Paysafecard).

Before you withdraw, you will have to pass the KYC Verification process (Know Your Customer). This is easily done by sending a photo or a scan of your national ID. You can only use a payment method for withdrawing if you’ve previously used it for a deposit. Usually, there are made exceptions for withdrawal by bank transfer. So online betting in India is not that hard!





Betting on Sports

Sports betting is a form of gambling on sports results. There’s tons of sports available to bet on, including horse racing, football, soccer, and hockey. Other popular sports that people bet on include baseball, lacrosse, and boxing. Placing bets on sports is completely legal if you utilize the right outlets, such as online casinos. Greyhound racing is another popular sport that players often bet on. Betting on sporting events can be a fun and exciting way to gamble while supporting your favorite sport or sports team. The sports betting scene offers a lot of advantages to players that other gaming options do not, such as more betting freedom.

Most popular sports to bet on

Sports popularity differs a lot from country to country. Because of this, all casinos in our lists support all major sports – meaning that you can bet on whatever sport you like on whatever site you’d like.

In India the most popular sport by far is cricket, followed by horse racing and football/soccer. Although football is less popular than in many other countries, it still lands in the top 3 most popular betting sports in India.

Horse betting in India

These betting options are different from football or other team sports. The most popular bet is on the winner of a race, but you can place all kinds of other bets like cover bets, dead heat bets, forecast, reverse forecast and tricast bets. If you don’t really understand the terminology, you should go back to the drawing board and first learn the basics of horse betting before getting into the action.

Also, if you think horse betting is all about luck, you couldn’t be further from the truth. The race surface and distance, the type of race (normal or handicap), and the horse starting position are just some of the important factors that can impact the result of the race.


Basic Types of Online Sports Betting

In the world of online sports betting, there are a multitude of options to choose from. Exchange betting is an option that allows players to settle at their own odds or at the odds of the house. Proposition betting is another option, but it requires a significant amount of precision when placing a bet. All of the gamer’s predictions must tally together and be correct for the player to actually win. The outcome of the sporting event and the score has to match the bet of the players. However, if a player wins at proposition sports betting, they can expect a big payout that won’t leave them disappointed.

Soccer/football betting in India

Betting on soccer is easy. It’s the main sport in any bookmaker’s offer, so you can bet on almost any minor league or competition. Top matches come with hundreds of betting options, from 1×2 winners to total goals, goal scorers, corners, yellow cards or extra time.

For maximum adrenaline, you can live bet on the next goal or on what happens in the next 10 minutes of the match. Regardless of what you choose, you must be well-informed if you want to be a winner.

Home advantage, injured/suspended players and weather conditions are just a few factors from a long list that can make the difference in a football match.

Cricket betting in India

Cricket is by far the most popular sport in India so it’s only fair that we do a deep dive into what cricket betting is all about. Watching a cricket match is one thing, but making money from betting on it is another. Successful cricket betting requires solid knowledge about the sport, but also discipline, solid money management and the ability to consistently identify betting value. The next page will be covering everything cricket related!


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Types of cricket matches

The way you bet on a cricket match is mostly influenced by the type of match. There are three main formats.

Test Cricket is the oldest form and contains the longest matches, being played over a 5-day period with 45 overs for each team every day. This version is the most popular in India as we are one of the 10 nations that have Test match status. Many traditionalists still consider this the main version of the game.

Which is the Best Online Cricket Betting Site?

Due to its popularity on the Indian sub-continent, cricket is considered by some as being the 2nd most popular sport in the world after football. So it would be fair to assume that all betting sites in India have a generous cricket betting offer, right? Well, not really. Cricket isn’t really that popular in Europe, so some bookies focused on the European market might neglect it.

Don’t get me wrong; there are still a lot of bookies set in Europe that accept Indian clients and have a generous offer. For me the best online cricket betting site is LeoVegas. It covers lots of competitions from India like India Premier League (IPL), Karnataka Premier League, Duleep Trophy, Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy and many more. You can also bet on International Test Series or leagues from other countries like South Africa or Australia.

LeoVegas also has a generous welcome bonus for new clients. If you open an account you get a 100% bonus up to ₹10,000! You deposit ₹2,000 and play with ₹4,000. You deposit ₹10,000 and play with ₹20,000! This way you will have more money to bet on your favorite cricket matches.

Cricket live betting

Live betting on cricket is much more popular then pre-match betting on any Indian betting site. It is obvious why. In a Test Cricket match, you will have all the time in the world to place your bets. It is even a good idea to not bet from the first day. Just take your time, watch the match and see how the teams perform before placing a bet.

Also, take advantage of small patterns that usually repeat themselves. For example, new batsmen need a little time to accommodate them, so statistically, they don’t have their best results when they first appear on the field. Of course, there can be exceptions, so it is a good idea to check some statistics regarding that specific batsman before putting your money on this theory.


How to analyze a cricket match

The type of cricket match is the main factor that will influence your betting strategy. Let’s take the example of a Test Match. On the first day, the field will be in perfect condition which will benefit the batsman. But after a couple of days, the pitch could be scuffed up through natural wear and tear. This will make the batsman’s life more difficult and will be an advantage for the spinners.

Let’s take into consideration another factor. In a test match, there are 3 sessions each day – morning, afternoon and evening. The conditions will differ from one session to another. The morning session will come with more humid conditions. This will make batting more difficult, with the ball swinging and seaming around. As the evening session comes, spinners will be more tired, and the weather conditions will be drier. This will make batting a lot easier.

The fact that conditions change several times during a Test match will lead to different score changes, which can benefit an inspired bettor. A T20 match instead will be more linear as the conditions don’t change too much during the match.

On the other hand, there will be more surprises regarding the winner in a short match. The conditions or the form on that day can advantage a weaker team. But in a longer match, the better and more experienced team usually finishes in front as one unlucky day will not be decisive.

Then we have One Day Cricket, with 50 overs for each team. This became popular in the 1970’s. The last and the shortest is the T20 Cricket where a game consists of only 20 overs. This is also the newest version, being popularized in the 2000’s.

Home advantage in cricket matches

Another important factor is the home advantage, especially in international matches between two countries. Cricket is a sport with long matches, so the team that adapts better to the weather conditions can be more advantaged. Let’s take a match between UK and India. 

A match played in the UK at a low temperature and with humid conditions will be a disadvantage for the Indian team as the players are not used to those conditions. On the other hand, a match played in India at 30 degrades with powerful sun all day long may drain the British team pretty fast considering that this isn’t the conditions that they’re used to. This is a real endurance test! It’s not like a football match where you play 90 minutes at night, and that’s it. And even there the home advantage is really important.


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What is Fantasy Sports Betting?

When it comes to types of online sports betting, there are tons of options to choose from. Players have the power of choice once again with fantasy betting. Fantasy sports betting is growing in popularity like wildfire. Fantasy betting is basically when players place bets on fantasy sports leagues and matchups. This exciting form of betting can be enjoyed in a variety of different sports, including football. Fantasy betting allows players to have more control over the action in their fantasy league. It is easy to see why so many gamers are drawn to fantasy sports betting each and every year. Fantasy sports betting can allow players to rake in real cash.

Betting in India on the Go

Like everything else in your life, online betting can be simplified and made more convenient by using a mobile app instead of a traditional website interface.  A couple reasons contributing to this, which are not unique to online betting, are the limited computing power and the limited screen size of mobile devices compared to desktop or laptop computers.  These device-imposed limitations force any mobile betting app to concentrate their interface only on the functions that matter to the user. In this case, those are placing bets, checking match results, and withdrawing winnings.

Additional benefits of using a mobile betting app include the notifications that they can provide of your bets and the matches you care about.  In a perfect world, you would be able to focus your attention on the match you bet on and neglect your other commitments while the match is happening.  Since we all have busy lives with other obligations, however, a mobile betting app provides you with the ability to carry on with those other responsibilities.  All the while, you can await the ding or vibration from your mobile device notifying you of the outcome of a match you wagered on.

What is Spread Sports Betting?

Spread betting is a form of sports betting that is a bit tricky compared to other types of sports betting options. Instead of betting on a single outcome of a sporting event, players bet on which team will win, what the final score will be, and other interesting factors. Sports spread betting can allow players to rake in large winnings if they are able to nail down the entire bet spread. However, nailing all points of the spread can be difficult, to say the least. Still, players love spread sports betting because it gives them so much variety. Betting on the spread is a fun way to join in at an online casino.

Betting in India: Other Sport Options

If cricket, football, and horseracing doesn’t tickle your online betting fancy, some sites have less popular sports that you can bet on as well.  Among those less widespread offerings are basketball, badminton, and traditional Indian favorite Kabaddi. Kabaddi in particular is of interest to many gamblers in India because it is not as popular outside of India as other sports that are available for betting.  This factor has the potential to provide an opportunity for Indian players to gain an advantage in their betting. This is because the companies offering online Kabaddi betting to Indian players are not located in India and may not be as familiar with Kabaddi or other minor and/or geographically regional sports.


Online betting in India grows in popularity each year, but before starting to bet you should learn the basics of this type of gambling. Once you are ready, you can open an account at any betting sites in India and start wagering. And if you want a recommendation, you can play with confidence at LeoVegas, which is one of the best online cricket betting sites and is a great option for other sports as well.




Simply choose a betting site from the list above, make a deposit and pick the match and result you want to bet on. After that, simply enjoy the match and wait for the results. This is a simplified version of the process, if you’d like to read more about it just check out our guide.

Absolutely, most betting sites offer a welcome bonus for new players, check out our lists for more information.

Odds are simply put as the return you may expect if your bet goes through on a specific result. The odds are based on the probability of the result happening, but also on the betting sites own expert analysis.

Which site has the best odds will vary from time to time, but we’ve seen Royal Panda be very consistent when it comes to having the highest odds. The reason for this is that Royal Panda offer something called “odds guarantee”, meaning they compare their odds against all the biggest betting sites to make sure they always have better odds.



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