Baccarat at online casinos

What is Baccarat?

If you have been a regular casino player, you surely have heard of the very famous and elite game, Baccarat. However, if you are new to the world of betting and are yet to be amazed by its wonders, explore no more as we introduce you to the most extravagant game the casinos have to offer. Baccarat, also known as Punto Banco, is one of the most widely known and fancied games of the casino. Yet it is as simple as betting on the outcomes of a dice roll or a coin flip. The key is to know the terminologies of the game and you are good to go. The rules and regulations are simple and it is with time and experience that you learn the strategies of the game.

Baccarat in the casinos

In a regular casino, this game due to its exclusivity is placed on a side to distinguish it from regular casino games. The baccarat casino table can host up to 12 to 14 players with three card dealers. The players are all lavishly dressed due to the extravagance of the baccarat casino. However, do not confuse its extravagance with the complexity of the game as the rules are fairly simple.

As the deal moves around the table, each player may get a turn to deal unless they pass the shoe onwards to the next player. The player whose turn is to deal will place 2 cards face-down on the table underneath the shoe, while place two face-down cards in front of the player with the highest bet. This player will look at the cards and give them to the dealer who will now announce the scores. Depending on the outcome the dealer will direct the player with their turn to deal, deal a third card. On the outcomes of this, the dealers will pay the winners while piling up from the losing bets.

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Why you should play Baccarat on the Internet?

A game of Baccarat online is also very similar to the classic version of the game. The rules and regulations are the same, except now you have the portability and ease of accessibility along with the game. You do not have to physically present and all you need is your mobile phone, or a laptop as well as a trusted online casino portal where you can begin betting. This is easy to learn the game and most online casino portals unlike regular casinos, also offer several free-of-cost trials to give you a hang of the game.

How to play Baccarat?

The following are the rules of the game. When referred to as Player and Banker, it means either the bets as well as a drawing of either two or three cards.

  • It is played usually with 8 decks of cards
  • Each card is given point values. The ace has a value of 1, cards from 2 to 9 have their face value points while cards from 10 to king have a value of zero points.
  • The game begins with each player betting on the player, the banker or betting a tie.
  • When every player has made their bets, it now time to draw cards. The dealer hands 2 cards to each player and as well as the banker.
  • Each player then derives their points by adding the points of their cards. If the score adds up to be greater than 9, then the player will only consider the second digit as their score. For-example if your cards add up to a value of 13, then your score will be 3, completely ignoring the first digit.
  • A “natural” occurs when someone has a score of 8 or 9. In the case where there is at least one natural, no third card will be drawn.
  • In case a player has a score of 5 points or less, they will draw a card but for a score of 6 or 7, they will stand, considering no one has scored a natural.
  • In case a banker scores 5 points or less, they will draw a card, considering no one has scored a natural.
  • If the player draws a third card, the banker will decide according to his cards whether to draw a third card or not.
  • The one with the higher score wins
  • A tie wins when the scores of both the player and the banker are the same. All other bets lose.
  • The payout rate for the players is equal i.e. 1:1
  • For the banker, the casino charges five percent commission which is equivalent to a 19:20 ratio.  
  • In case of ties, the payout ratio is 8:1 to 9:1
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Playing Baccarat on the internet

The rules for a game of baccarat online are no different from the classic casino game. What is important is the website or app that you are using is trusted before you sign in and provide your bank details. Make sure that the platform you are using is consistent with the method of payment convenient for you. Different platforms offer different modes of transactions such as MasterCard, Neteller, Visa, or Skrill. In either case, make sure the method you choose is fast and convenient for you. Furthermore, many of the platforms offer casino bonuses and offers such as sign-up offers and loyalty rewards so that your experience is more profitable.

Baccarat winnings are a symbol of luck

Baccarat is a very popular casino game, especially in Chinese culture and certain beliefs are rooted in the game rising from this culture. For example, the number 4 is considered unlucky while the number 8 is considered good luck. Extending these beliefs into the game, you will notice how the set number 4, 13 and 14 are missing while the seat number 8 is highly popular in demand. The Chinese have incorporated the theory of Feng Shui into most of the casino games, and baccarat holds a special position. It is believed that winning a game of baccarat brings you good fortune in life. These superstitions are highly rooted in casino games, and most people have great confidence in successful outcomes due to Feng Shui. Therefore, we welcome you to the world of luck and betting and wish you great odds.

Casinos that offer Baccarat with a high return

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How baccarat works (video)

Here’s a good explanation of how the game of baccarat works, both physical and digital.

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